Microsoft to Windows XP Users: Here’s $100 to Buy a New PC

The tech giant is ending support for its XP operating system on April 8.

Do you still have Windows XP? Now might be the time to upgrade.

Microsoft is ending its support of the 13-year-old operating system on April 8, which means users will no longer receive technical support or security updates. The tech giant is urging XP users to purchase a new PC or Windows Surface device, and it’s offering $100 discounts to those who upgrade.

But, according to PCMag, there are a couple of catches:

  • You have the option to take your Windows XP device to a Microsoft store and trade it in. Or “you have to actually be browsing Microsoft’s store using a computer that’s running Windows XP in order to see the offer,” PCMag said.
  • The cost of the new device has to be $599 or more.

USA Today says Windows XP is still used by about 1 in 3 computer users.

How have people responded to Microsoft’s announcement that it’s ending XP support? USA Today’s Jefferson Graham says it’s about time.

The bottom line is Microsoft is finally taking care of a problem that should have been dealt with years ago. … Microsoft is in the business of selling new software, after all, and clearly should have ended XP support years ago — certainly when Windows 7 came out. It wants its customers on more secure platforms that can work with the latest programs.

And to get the point across now, it is using its marketing muscle to spread the word. Why wouldn’t it? It’s good business.

The Microsoft $100-off promotion ends June 15.

Do you still use Windows XP? What do you think of Microsoft’s announcement that support for the popular operating system is going away? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  • Ursula Petralia

    the offer of a $100 discount on a new device costing at least $599 is an insult! i gave my xp-running machine to an elderly person living on social security who could not afford a computer. is she expected to use over half of her monthly soc sec check to stay in touch with the outside world??? thank you very much, microsoft, for your philanthropy!

  • D Lowrey

    There’s always Linux or Android. With the cost of Android at $0 (with free upgrades) and the cost of the mini-PC’s running Android around $50-100…why bother feeding the Microsoft beast?

  • Yak Yak Yak

    It’s gonna take a little more than a Benjamin to make the over-engineered Win 8 look good to me.

  • Ticobird

    Microsoft’s offer is too little too late. The people still running Windows XP will likely continue until their computers break or they accumulate too much computer debilitating crud by visiting and downloading junk from lame websites.

  • Rick Minor

    It seems as if Mr. Graham is out numbered on this issue– 1 in 3 against and 1 for. I have been using MS since 99, but unless they make a multitude of improvements on win 8/8.1 I might as well switch sides and go with Mac, Linux or Android.
    Sorry MS, but, you brought all of this on yourself!!

  • Toivo Kankkonen

    Early in the dot-com bust, I set my Dell Dimension to W2000 Professional as I was running a consulting business. When MS offered a great deal to upgrade, I trialed the software and so many things were drastically different or didn’t even work that I decided it was time to switch. Looked at Apple and realized their hardware was so grossly overpriced that was no way to go. Decided to go 100% Linux, using Ubuntu, and while it took a bit of a learning curve, I’d never go back to either MS or Apple. With 30,000 developers daily upgrading Linux and over 32,000 pieces of free (that’s like $0, folks) software, I’d never go back to the giants. When I finally upgraded my old Dell Dimension to a Lenovo Ideapad Touchscreen, I was assured that even though Windows 8 was pre-loaded, I could put Linux on the machine. NOT. It not only wouldn’t boot up, MS had a routine that locked down the hard drive and and it was no longer accessible. In spite of assurances, Best Buy said, “Well, you messed up the machine so we’re not responsible”. Another company I’ll never deal with again! As a former Vice President for the fourth largest ISV in the U.S., ($.5B a year in software/hardware sales), I can emphatically state that the giants have outlived their usefulness and utility and I cheer every time I see how many more people have switched to Linux. Vote with your dollars!!!

    • smihaila

      Windows XP, along with its bigger brother, Windows Server 2003, are excellent Operating Systems from MS. I would dare to say they were the pinnacle of their work so far.

      Both win7 and win8 are BLOATED, crappy “operating systems”. The only improvement is the UI – the rest is almost the same. XP and 2k3 take up about 7-10 GB of disk space (with aux app installed included), while the bloated win7 needs 20-25GB. Not to mention the RAM consumption (just the bare OS needs 1-1.5GB ram). And I can always customized/theme both XP and win2k3 to look and feel like win7.

      I’m running win2k3 enterprise edition on a … netbook with an Intel Atom 1.66 Ghz CPU and 2GB ram. I fine tuned it to the point that the bare OS takes max 200 MB RAM. I can run the Opera 12 web browser with about 75 tabs opened at once, and still working great.

      I couldn’t happier with my win2k3.

      • Toivo Kankkonen

        Good for you, Smihaila, way to go. You obviously have more tech expertise than I do (my teams always set up my systems so it was a MAJOR learning curve when I retired!), but I really have to applaud your effort on making an “obsolete” system into a fine running piece of software. My teams literally “taught” the MS software guys the 3270 protocol when they wanted to market an applet. The thing I enjoy about Linux is the plethora of software engineers that are constantly upgrading the software. You would enjoy joining the Ubuntu team and the online discussions are really lively and really intense. And, they were extremely patient and helpful to even a neophyte like me. Hope you keep your win2k3 system lean and mean and operating as a system should.

  • Torpedo Joe

    $100 bucks?

    What a gratuitous proposition, Mister Gates.

    ‘Buck’ rhymes with ‘suck’: similar to this offer …

  • transmitterguy

    I like my Win 7 best. Over the weekend I just downgraded my 78 year old mothers Win 8 compute to Win 7, she couldn’t run it, It was a mess. Now she can do her Turbotax and be happy.

  • transmitterguy

    Does anyone have a Chromebook? How do they work? Would they be good for grandmas? Can you check Facebook?

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