No Need for Panic: Your UPS Packages May Arrive by U-Haul

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The delivery company quells rumors that drivers in moving vans were terrorists or burglars posing as UPS employees.

There’s likely no reason to be alarmed if your next holiday package is delivered to your front door by a UPS driver in a U-Haul truck.

A number of concerned Kentucky residents called law enforcement after their packages were delivered by UPS drivers in U-Hauls instead of their signature brown trucks, Kentucky’s WDRB reports.

“There has been some concern from our citizens that have seen UPS drivers driving U-Haul trucks — trucks that don’t look like UPS trucks,” detective Jason Rice with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky told WDRB. “And UPS has also contacted us because there has been some interactions with some of the residents here and the drivers.”

It turns out, residents were worried that people were impersonating UPS drivers so they could break into homes if no one answered the door.

Fortunately, their concerns were unfounded. As it turns out, the workers in brown often rent out U-Haul trucks and other moving vehicles during the holidays.

“During the holiday season it is quite common for UPS to use U-Haul trucks to handle the extra package deliveries that are needed,” UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot told WDRB.

An old Internet hoax has also been making the rounds online this holiday season, which further exacerbated concerns. The hoax claims that terrorists could purchase UPS uniforms, pose as drivers and then deliver bombs to homes, according to WDRB.

“There’s absolutely nothing to it,” Mangeot said. “UPS closely controls its driver uniforms.”

If you want to verify that the brown-uniform-wearing driver who shows up on your doorstep is a legit UPS delivery driver, you can check for an identification badge and a handheld computer, which are standard requirements for the men and women in brown.

Would you be concerned if a UPS delivery driver showed up at your house behind the wheel of a moving truck? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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