Need a Kick in the Butt? 4 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Maybe the payoff, in terms of health, is just a bit too abstract to get you off the couch. If so, perhaps some cash would help.

If you’re finding it difficult to get off the couch and exercise, perhaps you need a little cash incentive.

There are numerous websites and apps designed to track your eating and exercise. And while those are undoubtedly helpful for many people, they’re not enough to motivate others (myself included) to increase their physical activity and live a healthier lifestyle.

But there are some apps that actually pay you to workout, according to Ozy. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Here are four apps that reward you monetarily for living a healthier lifestyle:

  • Pact: This app allows users to make weekly health goals (for example: veggie pacts, exercise pacts, food log pacts) and track their progress to try to win cash, which usually ranges from 30 cents to $5 per week. If you meet your health goals, you’re paid from a pool of funds contributed by users who failed to meet their pact. That’s right, you can lose money with this app. “People are two-and-a-half times more motivated by the idea of loss than reward,” says San Francisco-based CEO and co-founder, Yifan Zhang.
  • FitCoin: The more you work out, the more you are paid (in the cryptocurrency Bitcoins) with this free app, Ozy said. All you need to do is create an account and use a fitness tracker (like a Fitbit) to measure your workouts.”Your average heart rate, distance, and pace are counted and turned into a FitCoin value,” the app’s website explains. “Your FitCoin value totals the amount of bitcoin you’ve earned—from your workout to your (BitCoin) wallet.”
  • GOODcoins: This app rewards fitness goal achievements with “a currency that can be used only for positive purposes,” Ozy said. You earn GOODcoins by walking, running or cycling for 30 minutes each day. The coins can only be used on a selection of “socially and environmentally conscious products.” or donated to a long list of charities.
  • HealthyWage: All you need to do is create an account, get a verified weigh-in and you’re set to wager to win cash for pounds lost in an allotted time. You bet your own money on your weight-loss goals, and if you win, you’re paid with Amazon credit or a PayPal balance. You can compete individually or with a team. “Cash-based challenges are powerful tools that help you (1) commit to a specific starting point (eliminating prediet procrastination), and (2) avoid quitting before you’ve accomplished your goals,” the HealthyWage website says.

How do you stay motivated to reach your fitness or health goals? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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