Obamacare Meets Target of 7 Million Enrollees

Despite an initial botched rollout in October and some technical glitches on Monday as open enrollment came to a close, Americans signed up in droves for health insurance.

Uninsured Americans rushed to sign up for individual health insurance Monday, the last day for open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. HealthCare.gov reportedly had 4.8 million visitors Monday and the health care call center fielded nearly 2 million calls.

So, what’s the prognosis? Obamacare exceeded expectations and hit its target of signing up 7 million people. According to CNN, signups continued Monday despite a system crash, reminiscent of the technical glitches that tormented HealthCare.gov after its rollout in October.

Final numbers, including those from the online state marketplaces that also signed people up and the number of people who have made a first payment for their plans, haven’t been released. CNN said:

But picking a plan isn’t the final step to full enrollment — forking over the money to pay for it is. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told an Oklahoma TV station on Monday that insurers were reporting that 80 percent to 90 percent had paid.

The Associated Press said it will be some time before we see the big Obamacare picture.

The months ahead will show whether the Affordable Care Act will meet its mandate to provide affordable health care coverage or whether high deductibles, paperwork snags and narrow physician networks make it a bust.

If you tried to sign up for health insurance but didn’t complete the application, you still have time. The Obama administration issued a brief extension. We discuss that deadline in detail here.

Did you get signed up for health insurance? Share your experiences below or on our Facebook page.

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  • J J

    I’m sorry – it’s just too convenient that their number is reached at the 11th hour. And after all of the lies that have been told, why should we believe any of this?? I think the Obama administration has cooked the books, fudged numbers, changed the outcome to their benefit many, many times. It is also suspicious that they can’t give us specifics of these numbers – like how many are young, how many were newly insured, how many were enrolling because their insurance was canceled due to Obamacare itself. Either they did such a horrible job of setting up the website (DUH!!) that they forgot to put the simple questions in that would let them know who, what, when, where, why and how types of information OR (more likely) they don’t want to divulge that information because it hasn’t gone their way and the numbers aren’t what they want us to know. How many of those who signed up ended up being put on Medicaid, which is costing American taxpayers their money instead of actually participating and possibly lowering costs? How many are getting subsidies which are also costing taxpayers money??

    The number that sticks out to me is the 30M+ Americans (and where did they come up with that number anyway and how many of those are illegals) who were the cause of Obamacare in the first place because they didn’t have health insurance……how many of those previously uninsured are among the 7M who now allegedly have signed up for Obamacare and how many were previously happily insured before all of the Obamacare lies??

    I still want to know, in their partisan, power grab frenzy, why the Democrats didn’t just focus on those 30M uninsured instead of the major power grab, take over of the entire healthcare system??? The devil is in the details and Obama continues to illegally change the details at his whim. This entire law is not about Americans or their health or their medical insurance or issues – it is about control of all Americans and that control shouldn’t belong to the federal government and definitely shouldn’t belong to the Democrats!!!

    • N_Jessen

      I’d like more details too, but the fact is that we had (and maybe still have) a problem with medical costs spiraling out of control. So much so that even employer-sponsored plans were trimming (if not eliminating) benefits and raising premiums. More people were dropping coverage because they couldn’t afford anything of value, and then they pass on costs to everyone else when they end up in the hospital and can’t pay. And I suspect many ‘were’ happy with their plans until they discovered ugly coverage gaps, considering how many medical bankruptcies occur despite what has been called “insurance”.

      So the ACA was at least a start, an experiment, even if it’s a little overboard in requirements and needs more choice and flexibility. Even if it’s a hopeless attempt at creating a hybrid system that indirectly subsidizes private insurers. If it doesn’t work, it will likely be dispensed with one way or another.

  • Matt M.

    And you really believe this?

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