10 Ideas for a Relaxing Stay-at-Home New Year’s Eve

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There's no law that says you have to go out, dress up or drink Champagne for the occasion. Here are tips for a sweet celebration at home.

Holiday shopping, wrapping, parties and more leave some of us too pooped to pop the cork on an extravagant New Year’s Eve celebration.

But that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be flat as yesterday’s bubbly. Consider these 10 ideas to make your holiday sparkle:

1. Dress down

Shutter stock / Shutterstock.comShutter stock / Shutterstock.com

While the partygoers often need to wear their evening best for New Year’s celebrations, you can dress way down. Some families and friends even turn New Year’s Eve into pajama parties. Think that sounds a bit too casual? Take a look at the past tips from Vogue magazine to spruce up your nightclothes so you enjoy the best of both fashion worlds. Or, if you aren’t entirely shopped out, maybe your family needs new matching pajamas for the occasion.

2. Unearth classic board games

MilousSK / Shutterstock.comMilousSK / Shutterstock.com

Sure we have an array of technology at our fingertips, but what about giving a nod to the past this New Year’s Eve by breaking out board games such as Monopoly, Clue and other classics? Invite your guests to bring any board games they have, including long-time favorites such as Masterpiece or Parcheesi. Very old games such as Mystery Date are particularly fun to resurrect.

Speaking of nostalgia, be sure to check out “The 50 Hottest Toys of the Past 50 Years.”

3. Wander down memory lane

Dragan Kriac / Shutterstock.comDragan Kriac / Shutterstock.com

Even the most hard-core tech lovers among us likely have a stash of honest-to-goodness photos, slides and other memorabilia. New Year’s Eve is a great time to gather all of those photos, yearbooks and keepsakes and go through them. Share them with family and friends, too. They are natural conversation starters and a lovely way to honor the past while looking toward the future.

4. Binge on TV shows

Kenneth Tannenbaum / Shutterstock.comKenneth Tannenbaum / Shutterstock.com

Always wanted to watch “Anarchy” but never found the time? Miss those old “Twilight Zone” episodes? Splurge and buy yourself the DVDs or an online television subscription (ask about free trials!) and enjoy. New Year’s Eve is a great night to take the plunge.

Wish you had some new fare to choose from? Check out: “How to Get a Free 30-Day Trial to HBO and Amazon Prime.

5. Skype with friends and family

Focus and Blur / Shutterstock.comFocus and Blur / Shutterstock.com

Chances are you have plenty of friends you’d like to reconnect with but just haven’t had the time. Ask about their New Year’s Eve schedules. At least a few will be home and ready to chat online with you. It’s a great way to catch up with those you only stay in contact with by way of holiday cards.

6. Start the new year fresh

Billion Photos / Shutterstock.comBillion Photos / Shutterstock.com

What better time to take down the holiday decorations, clean out the closets and do those other household tasks that you just never get around to starting? This might sound like drudgery to some — if that’s you, move right along — but to those who like organization and cleanliness, it’s a terrific way to literally get your house in order for the new year.

7. Take a course

Den Rise / Shutterstock.comDen Rise / Shutterstock.com

Wouldn’t it be nice to start 2017 by launching into a new skill? There are plenty of fascinating online courses ranging from foreign language instruction to how to create the perfect apple pie. You’ll find many free courses on YouTube, including a series from Yale University. If you want more, peruse the selections at The Great Courses website or edX.org. Save money by looking at free videos on topics before you buy.

8. Enjoy your favorite comfort food

Orwald / Shutterstock.comOrwald / Shutterstock.com

Most of us have a favorite comfort food in which we rarely indulge — macaroni and cheese, noodle soup, even cocoa with marshmallows. That’s because many of us dine out frequently, are watching our weight or just don’t want to go to the trouble. New Year’s Eve is a great time to get out that recipe and indulge in your favorite forgotten treat.

9. Take a run

Jay Si / Shutterstock.comJay Si / Shutterstock.com

Most of us believe we’ll start running or other activities after the holiday season has ended. Why wait? Put on your winter running attire and start now. If it’s too snowy or icy for you to venture out, watch exercise DVDs or stream free exercise programs — there are plenty out there!

10. Baby-sit

PhoVoir / Shutterstock.comPhoVoir / Shutterstock.com

You may not be in the mood to go out, but what about your friends and family members? Some of them would love to have a night on the town but don’t have the energy or means to hire a baby,sitter. Offer to pitch in. Not only will you enjoy watching the holiday through a child’s eyes but lending a hand is a great way to start the new year.

What is your plan for New Year’s Eve? Thinking of changing it up? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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