6 Reasons Why Savers Are Sexier Than Spenders

They may not be as flashy or stylish as their high-spending friends, but savers have a sex appeal that’s all their own. Here are six reasons to check savers out — and maybe give them a wink.

Doesn’t it seem as if spenders get a lot of good press? The woman with the flashy car, the guy with the obscene Rolex collection, and the couple who leverage their McMansion to buy holiday gifts grab our attention and get the glossy spreads.

Savers, however, aren’t media darlings. They are relegated to the back pages and labeled with less-than-flattering descriptors such as “tightwad,” “penny pincher” or “miser.”

Savers are seldom seen as powerful, confident or sexy. However, here are six reasons why savers actually are more attractive than their spendthrift peers:

1. Savers can seize the moment … and the deal

Good deals come and go quickly. To take advantage of a red-hot bargain, you’ve got to be ready and able.

By living below their means, savers generate and bank a surplus each month. That capital can be used to seize and seal deals that might not be accessible to buyers with more sluggish personal economies.

Imagine hearing through the grapevine of a fixer-upper house in a prime location that’s being offered at a bargain-basement price. Which do you think an impatient and off-site seller would choose: the buyer with cash in hand who’s ready to sign right after the inspection, or the buyer who needs to talk to a banker and maybe ask for a few financial favors from Mom and Dad?

Admit it, there are few things sexier than a man or woman of action, the one with the knowledge and the means to make those large and small deals happen.

2. Savers aren’t beholden to lenders

In some fashion, borrowers always answer to their lenders. There’s nothing particularly wrong with strategic borrowing for investment purposes. However, borrowing and chronic debt can sap our wealth and energy, making life seem much more restricted.

By contrast, a saver is freer to make bold choices, reinvent a career, take some time off or follow a dream. That combination of flexibility and freedom is a rare quality these days, and it can be potently attractive.

3. Savers swim against the tide

Consumption has become a national sport, with the bowl game of Black Friday being bumped up a full day. Today, the economic challenges our nation faces aren’t won by encouraging citizens to buckle down and save more. Instead, Americans are encouraged to make a collective effort to shop more.

It’s no wonder that savers represent a new sort of pioneer who ignores what the neighbors are doing and rejects the flawed logic that spending more is always better. If you’re a saver, you know what I mean: It takes a bit of confidence and comfort in your own skin to follow a different path.

4. Savers are strategic

Successful savers didn’t get that way by being indiscriminate with their money. They understand the innate and intimate connections between time, labor, money and things, and they apply that knowledge in tactical ways.

Savers know the secret: If a person can invest enough time and labor and be a shrewd steward of the money that results from each, he can gradually reduce or completely replace his own exertion with “working” assets. Isn’t being smart sexy?

5. Savers tend to be more self-reliant

Speaking broadly, saving and self-reliance tend to go hand in hand. Savers see the value in self-reliance, and they build the skills that help them keep expenses low.

From gardening to simple construction, and from basic car repair to sewing, savers quietly and confidently get it done, usually without taking out their wallets. What could be sexier?

6. Savers have something to teach

Collectively, these points show that savers have something important to teach. Modern life has created a dearth of good examples of personal financial restraint. We need folks who can save and manage money wisely, exercise a basic level of self-reliance, and use their resources to build wealth slowly and strategically.

Almost by default, savers are teachers, instructing others by what they reject as much as by what they embrace. Savers, in their many shapes and sizes, are quietly leading the way — and leaders have a certain appeal.

So, savers, come out from the shadows and strut your stuff. If you didn’t know it before, you do now: Your frugality and your financial sensibility make you sexy after all.

Do you think savers are sexier than big spenders? Why or why not? Sound off in our Forums. It’s the place where you can speak your mind, explore topics in-depth, and post questions and get answers.

Stacy Johnson

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  • nmtonyo

    Absolutely correct! Smart is the new sexy!

  • Jack Mabry

    Anyone can spend, it takes a smart person to save, and then buy wisely.

  • Jake

    I can’t wait to tell my wife that I’m not cheap, I’m sexy.

  • Bob K

    I discovered that my X had accumulated, on the sly, $22,000 in credit card debt (during the 3 years after convincing me that we had to move into a new and bigger home). That was the end of our relationship.

  • grandmaguest


  • john smith

    Being financially responsible gives your freedom, and peace of mind. If you don’t have to be worrying about debt, you can be a lot more relaxed, and happy. Now that is sexier.,

  • SuzieQ

    Being a saver allowed me to go to part time work at 56. So many people that knew me made fun of my habits, because they were always in debt or out shopping. Every last one of them now wishes they had paid attention to the little, as well as the big things they could have saved them so much. Most do not even have anything to show for it. My home is paid for, same with car, no debt and enough saved for full retirement. I still enjoy working part time though and I am now 63.

  • Ted

    I’ve finally gotten the saving (especially for retirement) thing down. Maybe, over my holidays’ 10 straight days off, I’ll rewrite this to “6 Reasons Why Thin People Are Sexier Than Fat People” and I’ll actually be able to button my sport coat at NEXT year’s company Christmas party. Down 14.5 with 59 to go. Did 101.5 once, but was getting too close to the top again! (Hint: low carb, NOT low fat.)

  • The self-reliance of savers and spenders alike will be degraded by the bail-ins that will eventually be used by financial institutions.

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