25 Ways to Spend Less on Food

If you’re a family of four with preteens and consider yourself “thrifty,” you may spend around $628 on groceries each month. On the other hand, maybe you live large — or, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture says, “liberal” — and spend $1,252 a month.

Those numbers come from the USDA estimates for the average cost of food at home in November 2015. The USDA apparently didn’t even want to attempt to estimate how much families with teens spent on food, but I’m quite sure the monthly cost isn’t going anywhere but up for those households.

Are you ready to stop the insanity? Then, keep reading for 25 ways to trim your food costs.

1. Skip serving-sized items

Serving-sized portions are convenient. Individual yogurts, cheese sticks and chip bags make packing lunches so easy, but it also makes them more expensive.

Rather than buying small packages, buy bigger portions and break them down. Invest in reusable containers to dole out yogurt from a big tub. Buy chunk cheese and cut it up. Get the big bag of chips and pretzels and divide them up in baggies. It doesn’t take much time, and it will save you dollars.

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