12 Ways to Squeeze the Most Memories From Every Travel Buck

Photo (cc) by Anders LejczakPhoto (cc) by Anders Lejczak

If you’ve got a ticket to a faraway destination, study up before you leave on vacation — but not too much.

If you overplan, warns popular travel blogger Matt Long, you may see high expectations for travel unravel.

“I love travel planning, but I tend to get carried away,” Long says. “It’s my Achilles heel.”

After working for years as a Washington lobbyist but pining to spend more time exploring the globe, Long launched Landlopers.com in 2009. Ever since, he’s hung with penguins in Antarctica, dived along the Great Barrier Reef, watched the Northern Lights from a frozen lake in Norway and visited Bangkok and the Galapagos and dozens of places in between.

Long shares his top travel tips so Money Talks News readers can make the most of their experiences and maybe even save some money along the way.

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