Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How spending less sets you free, how to spend less than you make, how to share an Amazon Prime account, how to save at the liquor store, and eliminating negative behaviors that may be ruining your relationships.

1. 8 Negative Thought Patterns That Are Hurting Your Relationships

[Dumb Little Man] “Negative thought patterns are habits that we have accumulated over time. Some come through our families, some from teachers or mentors, some from society, some from the media and the list goes on. A key to transforming negative patterns is to recognize them.”

Saying no more than yes, not listening, stealing the stage, holding a grudge: All are examples of things you might unintentionally be doing that push people away when you’d rather be drawing them closer. This is a good list of things to be aware of. Check out the article for more. 

2. Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Liquor Store Edition

[Clever Dude] “My wife and I have very different perspectives when it comes to saving money. I take a much more passive approach, content to hunt for coupons or search for the lowest advertised price. My wife, however, takes a much more direct approach preferring to negotiate a deal with whomever she’s talking to.”

This post reminded me of a TV story I did a couple of years back called “The Simplest Way to Save on Everything.” That article, and this one, are about using the powers of persuasion to get a better price. I have to admit, however, the liquor store is one place I’ve never tried it.  

3. How to Share Your Amazon Prime Account

[Debt Roundup] “Did you know you can share your Amazon Prime account benefits with up to four family members? This is an unknown benefit of Amazon Prime that many don’t know.“

This article really hit home for me, because my wife has an Amazon Prime membership and I don’t. So every time I want something from Amazon, I end up using her account and charging my purchase to her credit card, something she’s not wild about.

Thanks to this article, I now know she can share her account with me. Since that means paying for my own stuff, however, I may conveniently forget to tell her.

4. How to Develop the Habit of Spending Less Than You Make

[Dough Roller] “At times in my life I’ve made very little, and other times I’ve made a lot, but at all times I’ve wanted just a wee bit more. I find it just as difficult to live below my means today as I did 15 years ago making about one-third of what I make today.”

Getting ahead is simple. It just requires spending less than you make. But just because something’s simple doesn’t make it easy. This article helps by offering advice like distinguishing between wants and needs, understanding what makes you happy and sweating the small stuff. If you find yourself with more month than money, it’s a must-read.

5. 11 Freedoms You Gain by Spending Less

[Wise Bread] “Spending less often feels like a chore, but it’s actually one of the most freeing tasks we can set our minds to. Learning how to save money through frugal living and smart shopping makes many things easier and can get you that much closer to your long-term life goals.“

This post attempts to turn the pain of saving into the pleasure of gaining more freedom. What freedoms can you expand by spending less? The freedom to enjoy a better retirement, freedom from clutter, freedom from debt and more. Feel free to read it.

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  • Clever Dude

    Thanks for including my post! I was surprised that my wife got a bigger discount at the liquor store too….but she has that knack to get what she wants!

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