The 5 Most Popular Restaurants for Hardcore Breakfast Fans

Breakfast aficionados say a fast-food chain is their No. 1 choice for their favorite meal.

Some Americans are still not lovin’ McDonald’s, but breakfast aficionados say the fast-food chain is their No. 1 choice for their favorite meal.

Among people who typically eat breakfast out twice a day, the greatest number prefer McDonald’s over every other major dining chain that serves breakfast, according to market research firm YouGov’s BrandIndex.

These breakfast lovers’ most beloved chains are:

  • McDonald’s (preferred by 40.5 percent)
  • Subway (33.8 percent)
  • IHOP (32.1 percent)
  • Burger King (26.6 percent)
  • Starbucks (26.2 percent)

The chains that made the biggest gains since February are:

  • Chick-fil-A (9.8 percent improvement)
  • IHOP (7.2 percent)
  • Taco Bell (6.3 percent)

Taco Bell started selling a biscuit taco in March, part of an attempt to beef up its fledgling breakfast business and compete with McDonald’s specifically. A new Taco Bell ad campaign at the time depicted McDonald’s Egg McMuffin as a routine choice.

Brian Niccol, Taco Bell chief executive, said the biscuit taco was part of an effort to offer “unique” items and eventually make the chain as “famous” for breakfast as it is for late nights:

“It will reinvent the fast-food breakfast experience by moving away from boring, round sandwiches and inserting bold tastes and flavors.”

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