The Most Common Obamacare Scams

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There’s a lot of uncertainty and misinformation going around about Obamacare. That’s natural: It’s a big change for millions of people, and the details are complicated.

We’re doing our best to help folks make informed and financially smart decisions with stories like “Understanding Obamacare: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum” and “Understanding Obamacare: 4 Things You Need to Know.” Check out the video below from that story:

Meanwhile, scammers are doing their best to help themselves to your money. CNNMoney got the Federal Trade Commission’s list of the most common tactics — so far — that scammers are using to take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge about Obamacare. Here’s what to watch for:

  • People charging for advice. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is spending millions to train “navigators” who will help consumers find the insurance information they need. Some scammers are posing as navigators and trying to assess fees for their services. The people really trained for these jobs don’t charge.
  • Medicare cards. Scammers are saying Obamacare requires people to get a new Medicare card, and that to get it, you’ll have to hand over personal information like your Social Security number and bank account number. You don’t need a new card, and you shouldn’t give personal information to people who call up and ask for it.
  • Government employees. Nobody from the federal government is going to call you about health insurance, and even if they did they wouldn’t ask for personal information over the phone. Ignore calls, texts or emails from supposed government officials soliciting your information.

You can report suspected Obamacare fraud online or by calling (800) 318-2596.

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  • Malcom Treadway

    First scam: “Your annual cost will go down $2,500 a year.”

  • Al Seaver

    Actually, the first scam was “you’ll find out what’s in it after it’s passed”. Kinda like the entire Obonzo administration.

    • Malcom Treadway

      Actually, I quote from one of Obama’s speeches, which was given many months prior to Pelosi’s profound statement, which you reference.

  • smokey347

    “Scammers may pose as navigators — organizations and people trained to help consumers understand the marketplaces — and ask for (this) sensitive information.” sounds like the same government people that scammed america with obumocare itself. coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

  • Peter Rathbone

    “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance… If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor… Period”.
    A SCAM by any other name is still 0bamacare….

  • Fact

    Fix the following root causes for the Health Care problem, FIRST:
    (1) Sky rocketing drugs/medicine expenses,
    (2) Unreasonable high insurance premiums
    (3) Unbearable health-care-service/medical expenses
    (4) Huge liability expenses due to people filing law suit against hospital, doctors, pharmaceuticals companies and insurance companies, claiming stupendous thousands and millions of dollars
    (5) Ineffective monitoring and controlling of the practices of hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals companies

    This Obamare is not the answer to any of the problem mentioned here. Though a very few folks may see a drop on their insurance premium or get (better) coverage, it is done only by offsetting huge additional cost on to other several folks (healthy and young current insurance policy holders).

    ACA forces the working innocent middle class folks to pay in full a huge premium with high out of pocket deductible and the ACA/Obamcare subsidizes for tax-breakers. This will ONLY help private insurance companies to profit in additional hundreds to thousands of billions, adding trillions to country debt, which will eventually increase tax over working innocent middle class.

    ACA/Obamcare, a huge double blow for innocent middle class folks!