The Super-Exclusive Gift Card You Probably Missed Out On

Only 1,000 of them were available and they sold out in seconds.

Just how much do you love coffee?

If you didn’t answer that with the enthusiasm of at least four shots of espresso, you probably won’t be too upset to learn you didn’t get Starbucks’ exclusive new gift card. Even if you are that caffeinated, don’t feel bad. The card sounds pretty silly.

Last year, the high-end deals site Gilt offered a special edition Starbucks card for $450, Time says. The card was stainless steel, and loaded with $400. What a deal — $50 to trap $400 of your money within one store and earn exclusive status. Only 5,000 of them were sold, and they were gone within six minutes.

This year, the card returned. But this time, it was even more exclusive — only 1,000 were available, USA Today says. They do sound fancy:

Each of the cards — which are all handmade — features an artisan rose metal base with rose-colored coating. Starbucks lettering is laser-etched on the front. Each comes in a blue gift box with a special letter inside that explains the card’s value.

The card also comes with gold-level status, which means free refills on some drinks and other perks, USA Today says. And if you were lucky enough to get one, you might be able to resell it for a profit. Cards from last year are going for $1,000 on eBay.

If you didn’t get one, you’ll have to pay a similar price or wait until next year — when they’ll sell, what, 500 of them? — because they went faster than you can say peppermint mocha frappuccino. The sale was Friday, and the cards sold out “in seconds,” Gilt Groupe’s Alexis Maybank told CNBC.

“When the sale went live at noon, Maybank said,’s hits per minute beat those on Cyber Monday by nearly 2.5 times,” CNBC says. “Within 30 minutes, more than 11,000 people had tried to get on a wait list for the card.”

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Stacy Johnson

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  • Dale

    I think anyone willing to buy this card has a: too much money or b: not enough sense to know what to do with their money.

    I really like Starbucks drinks but I don’t invest more than $10 bucks at any one time. For me, it’s dessert.

  • Mary Harrsch

    People who buy this card are probably the same ones who worry about buying a counterfeit exclusive name purse! I saw a segment on ABC’s Good Morning America where the presenter pointed out tips to avoid buying (oh horrors!) a counterfeit exclusive name purse on the web, pointing out that some hapless victims have spent as much as $350 on counterfeit Louis Vitton purses. I’m sorry ABC but I rarely spend more than $40 for a purse (and usually a lot less) only looking to see if it is genuine leather so it will last. If someone must rely on borrowed self esteem from purchasing name brand merchandise or flashing a real metal coffee card they must lead a pretty pathetic life in the first place. Come on people! Everyone has an innate gift for something. Discover yours and put it to good use. You’ll not only end up enriching your community but you’ll develop genuine self esteem that doesn’t depend on someone else’s envy!

  • Hatcher

    I got an exclusive Starbucks card a few years ago. I got a Black card before they were available to the general public. It came in the mail with a letter explaining that I had answered more e-mail surveys than anyone else in the world so I got a free card before they were released. It came with 50 dollars pre-loaded on it. I still have it even though it is expired and can not be loaded again.

    • Dale

      I got that same card with the same amount loaded on it. Then they sent a gold one for their reward program with $25 bucks on it. Why spend my money when theirs is even better?

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