It’s “America Saves” Week: Our 10 Favorite Savings Posts

Welcome to America Saves Week 2011. Are you doing your part by setting some money aside? If not, here’s some help.

Bet you didn’t know this is America Saves Week. Sure, it’s a manufactured holiday you’ve never heard of, but it has its own website and it’s a good cause: “During America Saves Week, individuals will be encouraged and assisted to assess their savings progress and take action to advance this progress.”

Sadly, a new report came out this week that shows Americans aren’t celebrating this week as they should. The fourth annual survey from the American Savings Education Council [PDF] shows a slight drop among Americans who spend less than they earn and save the difference – from 73 percent last year to 71 percent this year.

“Developing a savings plan is key to reaching your savings goals,” says Ken McDonnell, director of the American Savings Education Council. Well, Money Talks News has been preaching that for years. In honor of America Saves Week, here are our top 10 greatest tips…

Stacy Johnson

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  • Mr. Koretzky:
    As a fellow American, I have to say that it is hard saving even before the economy became very crummy. When people want to save and see commercials of good-looking older actors who are surfing during their retirement with out a care in the world they feel that investing is within reach. People feel that investment companies will help their client and educate them of what could happen with the account.
    However investment companies that I have been involved with since 23 years old, do not want to help people like me unless I have a multimillion dollar account with them. I have had an investment banker to say that to me. It is like I have to have money or know how to speak a money language to get any help for me.
    I have to say I like most people in my shoes do not know how to read the prospectus or know if I am voting for the right person to handle my account. I invest blindly like most people who do not know.
    I want to change that and know how to read the accounts my husband and I have. Therefore I can get my money out of accounts that arrogance and snooty investment advisors are over and go into a practice that would have my best interest.
    Sorry for the long post as this was on my mind.
    JR Nuredeen

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