Voters With Lousy Credit Like This Presidential Candidate

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A leading candidate has the largest share of supporters struggling to maintain good credit. Meanwhile, one of the trailing candidates can boast of the most boosters with stellar scores.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate John Kasich have the best credit. By contrast, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton backers have the worst scores, according to a new survey.

The analysis by WalletHub found that Kasich has a larger share of supporters with excellent credit scores and a larger share with good credit scores than any other presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat.

The Ohio governor also has a smaller share of supporters with bad credit scores and a smaller share with fair credit scores than his peers.

For its analysis, WalletHub surveyed 765 people, asking which candidate they planned to vote for and what their credit scores were, among other questions.

Respondents’ credit scores were categorized into four ranges:

  • Excellent: 720 or higher
  • Good: 660 to 719
  • Fair: 620 to 659
  • Bad: 619 or lower

WalletHub states that the results will hopefully “provide voters with a helpful basis for comparison”:

While the bulk of the attention is rightfully paid to the candidates themselves, there remains a great deal that we can learn about the very voters supporting them and thus each candidate’s message.

One issue in particular, personal finance, encapsulates the economic struggles endured by much of the populous [sic] in recent years and can, in turn, be condensed into an easily digestible three-digit number known as a credit score.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stands out for having the largest percentage of supporters with bad credit.

Republican candidate Donald Trump stands out for having the smallest percentage of supporters with excellent credit, although he beat out Clinton for this dubious distinction by less than 1 percentage point.

WalletHub’s results include:

Clinton’s supporters:

  • 50.68 percent have excellent credit scores
  • 25.68 percent have bad credit scores (the largest share of any candidate)

Republican Ted Cruz’s supporters:

  • 55.4 percent have excellent credit scores
  • 12.86 percent have bad credit scores

Kasich’s supporters:

  • 59.56 percent have excellent credit scores (the largest share of any candidate)
  • 10.65 percent have bad credit scores (the smallest share of any candidate)

Republican Marco Rubio’s supporters:

  • 58.4 percent have excellent credit scores
  • 14.24 percent have bad credit scores

Democrat Bernie Sanders’ supporters:

  • 51.29 percent have excellent credit scores“
  • 22.27 percent have bad credit scores

Republican Donald Trump’s supporters:

  • 49.8 percent have excellent credit scores (the smallest share of any candidate)
  • 20.47 percent have bad credit scores

For a complete breakdown of each candidate’s credit score ranges, check out WalletHub’s “2016 Presidential Credit Score Survey.”

For help improving your own credit score, check out our recent article “7 Fast Ways to Raise Your Credit Score.”

What’s your take on the how the credit scores of presidential candidates’ supporters stack up? Let us know what you make of the survey by sounding off in our Forums. It’s the place where you can speak your mind, explore topics in-depth, and post questions and get answers.

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