Worst Gift Ever Contest – The Winners!

New Flip™ video cameras going to two lucky viewers. See who won.

Congratulations to our winners!

  • Cindy Holland of El Paso, TX
  • Brian Haas of Glendale, AL

Both our winners will show off their new cameras in an upcoming article so check back often, or sign up for our newsletter!

PrintWe were happy to partner with Cisco and offer up new HD Flip video cameras. Stay tuned in 2011 for more great prizes!

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  • Anonymous

    My worst gift was in the mid 1980s from my stepmom. I was given two bottles of Ketchup. I like ketchup like most kids did then and now, but she felt I liked it more than most so she gave me my own bottles of ketchup.

  • Hey everyone! We’ve ended submissions for this contest — and if you read below, you’ll see we had a lot of great entries. Now, who’ll win? Find out this week. Check back often and good luck to you all!

  • Anonymous

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was a bullet making machine from my first husband. I was shocked and of course gave it back to him . That was his plan all along. In hindsight I should have returned it for the money. This was not the last awful gift from him. On my birthday he gave me a Red Fox record (back in the days) which, if you are aware of Red Fox, was disgusting. Needless to say we parted ways after 8 years of marriage.
    Dodie Maguire

  • Anonymous

    A few years back I was looking to buy some land to hunt on. My wife bought me a certificate for two acres of land on the moon and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. When I opened the envelope and started to read it the first thing I noticed was the word acre and a huge smile came on my face I was over whelmed thinking she had purchased some acerage for me to hunt on. Upon reading the entire certificate of authenticity and taking a look at a map that was also included, I saw the land she purchased for me was on the moon. This is the worst gift ever to recieve. A good laugh was had by all.

  • robinb4

    Right after my husband and I had gotten married, he had the bright idea to go Christmas shopping for me with a buddy of his. I thought it was very sweet until I opened m gift on Christmas morning. He had bought me a shirt that had to have been the UGLIEST shirt I had ever seen. It was maroon and black, and had sleeves that looked like wings. Needless to say he was so happy with himself that I couldn’t be mean so I would wear it when I knew I wasn’t going out anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is a Valentine’s Day worst gift. So it was my boyfriend and mines 5th Valentine’s Day together. So we each got home from work that night and decided to exchange our gifts! Well I torn into my gift all excited. To my surprise he bought me a SCANNER! For checking everytime the Fire Whistle goes off; meaning there is an accident/fire somewhere!! Nice thought on Valentine’s Day!! To his defense I did want one; maybe not for Valentine’s Day though……

  • ~My Brother and Sister In-Law gave me opened Pampers, puzzle’s with kids scribble on them all wrapped up with mouse poo in the bottom of the bag. I guess you can tell a lot about how someone feels about you by the gift they choose for you.

  • Anonymous

    the worst gift I ever received was from a previous employer.  I had worked for said employer for a number of years and had begged to telecommute, as most of the office did.  I telecommuted briefly then with a managerial change I was brought back to the office. My present at holiday time that year was a pad of paper with the boss’ logo.

  • Eric T Lewis

    My mother in law once gave me a wrapped toilet brush that she bought at the dollar tree. I asked if if it was a gag gift, her reply was your wife complained that you don’t clean, so I got that as a friendly reminder. I told her well the wife is the one who does the cleaning, not me. Still has to be the worst gift I ever been given.

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