YouTube Will Begin Charging for More Content

A combination of new services could have users paying more than $10 a month for their favorite YouTube content. Will you pay?

YouTube is launching two new subscription services — one right now, and another before the year is over.

YouTube creators with at least 10,000 subscribers can now launch paid subscription channels, Time says. This service has technically been around since May, but only for a handful of channels that YouTube allowed to test it.

They get to set the price — 99 cents a month and up — and YouTube will split the money with the creator. YouTube hasn’t said exactly how it’s split, but creators get a majority. Any paid channel will offer a 14-day free trial to users.

The other service, coming by the end of the year, is intended to rival streaming music businesses like Spotify. “Subscriptions to YouTube’s [music] program, at about $10 a month, would be tailored to mobile devices, and let its customers watch videos — or just listen to the music on them — without interruptions from advertising,” The New York Times says.

Not everything will cost money. There will likely be a free tier with plenty of full, popular tracks, said Billboard, which first reported on the music service. The paid tier will likely offer albums and the ability to listen while offline.

None of the reports mention any major changes to the regular YouTube website, which is free. But people subscribed to both the music service and a few paid channels could end up spending $15 or $20 a month on YouTube content. Do you think you’ll spend any money on the site? Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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  • John Allen


  • Bob Lee


  • Briana Marie Molina

    That’s supposed to be the beauty of YouTube; seaching for others like you who can teach or show everybody something different, artistic or inspirational. Now, I’m not too sure I’ll be enjoying that so much. I will more than likely refuse to pay another bill dedicated to electronics or social media. You let me down YouTube.

  • LeonColvin

    no way

  • Glenda

    NO WAY

  • Larry Mestas

    No when is enough is enough with money already

  • nkj777


  • marine159

    Will not pay!! Now they are really going overboard. Greed is a killer.

  • Kent

    Nope. They already use my bandwidth, equipment, electricity, etc to deliver their advertising to me. Cable TV is out also for the same reasons. If they waste my time using my cable service, TV, electricity to deliver their ads AND they want to charge me, they can forget it.
    Disclaimer: I own stock in Google, ATT, Verizon, Centuryllink and I am still against this kind of abuse of their(my) customers.
    (Centurytel really ticks me off because of insider trades by their directors, both before and after their dividend cut.)

  • Dolores Donner

    no, no, no, and NO.

  • Bonnie free


  • James Fussell

    no way

  • Elva Taylor

    no I would not pay, and I very seldon get on youtube anyway

  • tujones

    No! When they start charging I will start dodging!

  • L.B.

    Depends on what is on the subscription channels. If they get independent filmmakers to run films, etc., I can see where it would be a great opportunity for people streaming films to get some kickback. Not knocking it yet.

  • Ckp60

    No I won’t. I seriously doubt any of my friends will either.

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