The Ultimate Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts: Why You Need One Now
The Ultimate Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts: Why You Need One Now

What’s better than retirement income? Tax-free retirement income. A Roth can help you get it.

Excited couple with the keys to their new home
12 Places That Will Pay You to Move There

You could find a new home in a place that offers incentives for relocation.

Man looking at his investments on his phone
One of the Last Undiscovered Opportunities in European Real Estate

Here’s the “undiscovered Europe” that’s ripe with opportunity.

Happy retired couple on a walk.
10 of the Happiest Places to Retire in America

Golden years really do seem to be golden when spent here.

Unhappy driver with car key
10 Car Models With the Most Recalls

One of these models is expected to be recalled around 70 times in a 30-year period.

A woman looking at her finger nails concerned.
Harmless Fingernail Problem Linked to Steep Cancer Risk

Nail screenings may be an important part of identifying a rare genetic syndrome.

Happy businessman excited and smiling at his phone
How the Wealthy Spend Money Differently From Everyone Else

Understanding these key insights could help you in reaching your financial goals.

Perast, Montenegro
9 Reasons to Consider Retirement in Montenegro

Discover why Montenegro’s stunning coastline, affordable living, and warm locals might just be your best-kept retirement secret.

insurance agent recording information about car accident
4 Ways Car Insurers Learn About Your Past — Behind Your Back

Companies rely on personal data about you to make all kinds of decisions. Here are some places they get it.

Smiling man paying restaurant bill at checkout with smartphone payment
Buyer Beware: Paying by Phone Could Be Costing You Extra

There are two major differences for people who use this payment method, research suggests.

A group of friends on vacation together.
20 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations for Americans This Summer

These up-and-comers may not have even crossed your mind.

Group of senior citizens
11 Ideas for Living on Social Security Alone

Don’t have millions in savings for retirement? Use these tips if you must survive on just Social Security.

Happy couple walking through new home under construction
15 Cities With the Biggest Increase in Home Construction

These are the cities with the biggest growth in housing supply.

Amazon packages at a doorstep
12 of the Hottest Products on Amazon Today

These items are in much higher demand right now.

9 Everyday Problems You Can Solve With Vaseline

Forget expensive specialty products. Good ol’ petroleum jelly can address many common annoyances.

President Joe Biden in NY, 2024.
12 Countries That Give Biden the Highest Approval Ratings

At least 70% of people in these countries approve of America’s current leadership.

Woman with piggy bank
See How Much You Can Save With a No-Spend Challenge

Here’s everything you need to succeed in a no-spend challenge.

A man holding a prescription bottle.
The 11 Most Popular Prescription Drugs in America

Judging by spending, a few drugs have skyrocketed in popularity by at least 300%.

Excited young couple looking at a phone
The Favorite Investment of the Middle Class? You Might Be Surprised

Do you agree or disagree with other Americans as to the best long-term investment?

Surprised and upset female driver
Drivers Look to Usage-Based Car Insurance to Save Money. Should You?

Find out how this trend is reshaping the insurance industry and what it means for your premiums and privacy alike.

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