Woman decluttering her home
8 Things People Purged From Their Lives During the Pandemic

Here’s what Americans junked in epic “pandemic purges.”

woman confused frustrated questioning
401(k) Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

A 401(k) can be a powerful saving tool, but you could miss out on benefits if you make these mistakes.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Inflation May Be Here to Stay — Here’s How to Beat It

Rising prices, otherwise known as inflation, could wreak havoc on stocks, bonds and the economy. The Federal Reserve says not to worry. What if they’re wrong?

Upset driver near pothole
9 Surprising Things That Car Insurance Covers

How many of these covered costs did you know about?

Senior using a smartphone
Financing Your Phone With a Prepaid Cellphone Carrier

One attraction of the bigger carriers is their deals on new phones. But you can enjoy a new phone on prepaid carriers without paying interest too — here’s how.

Happy confident senior woman
2 Ways Your Brain Improves After Middle Age

The abilities that grow stronger help us with several key parts of cognition, research finds.

Man working from home with no internet
10 Things to Do Before Quitting Your Job

These steps will ensure you exit on good terms professionally and financially, and are ready for what comes next.

10 Cities Where People Spend the Most on Food
10 Cities Where People Spend the Most on Food

In these cities, people pay more for food, whether they are dining in or eating out.

Happy senior couple at a beach
13 Senior Discounts for Anyone Age 55 or Older

There is no need to wait until you’re 65 to take advantage of so-called “senior” discounts.

Older women outdoors
The 7 Most Popular Ages When Americans Plan to Retire

Older Americans who are still working say this is when they plan to stop.

Happy gay couple at home
7 Times It Makes Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Here are some good reasons to get rid of your biggest financial obligation.

Happy man opening the front door of his home
5 Ways to Happily Live With Less

You can be happy without a lot of money. Just cultivate these habits and ways of thinking.

Car rental assistant with customer
7 Surprising Things That Damage Your Credit Score

A seemingly small stumble can cause your credit score to plummet.

Upset senior woman
8 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Retirement

Prevent some of the worst financial blunders in retirement by taking action now.

How Excess Cash Can Hinder Your Portfolio — Even in Retirement
How Excess Cash Can Hinder Your Portfolio — Even in Retirement

Keeping a certain amount of cash reserves makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s easy to hold on to too much and see it lose value.

college graduate with money
12 Money Tips for New College Graduates

This advice can help set you on the path to financial success.

Couple having a picnic in front of an old car
4 Sacrifices Super Savers Make on the Road to Getting Rich

Those who quietly and consistently build wealth share some key characteristics, a new study finds.

Happy older woman with money.
10 States Where Seniors Have the Highest Incomes

These places are flush with seniors who earn at least $50,000.

Happy senior woman with cash
Will I Qualify for the Maximum Ex-Spousal Social Security?

Different rules for claiming apply, depending on the year you were born.

Couple strolling on Myrtle Beach at sunset
How Long Will $1 Million Last in Retirement?

It might not be as long as you think, although it depends on many factors you may have time to change.

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