estate sale yard sale garage sale
12 Things I Always Buy at Estate Sales

Here’s what an expert estate sale shopper considers to be a great find — and why.

Young woman with a tattoo and a watch looking skeptical or doubtful but smiling
9 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

There is no single way to know that you are dealing with a fibber. These clues, however, may be tipoffs.

Happy senior couple homeowners doing taxes
How to Get Access to the IRS’ New Free Tax Software

The IRS is letting people use its new Direct File service to file their 2023 taxes for free. But snagging a seat can be tricky.

Mom and her son watching TV
19 Streaming Services With Free Trials

Try before you buy a subscription to any of these top streaming services.

Woman eating pie
10 Things You Can Get for Free in March

Spring is right around the corner, and exciting offers are beginning to bloom.

Happy woman shopping
These Lawmakers Want to Give You $2,500 a Year for Shopping

Imagine getting a tax credit for buying American-made goods. Some legislators want to make this fantasy real.

Woman shopping online
11 Deep Discounts Available on Amazon Today

These items are steeply discounted — but the deals won’t last long.

self employed woman working on taxes
6 Things Every Gig Worker Needs to Know About Taxes

Taxes are trickier for gig workers, freelancers and others the IRS considers self-employed.

Senior couple signing mortgage paperwork
4 Options for Buying Real Estate in Belize

Discover the different types of properties in Belize to find your best opportunity.

Happy senior in a wheelchair at a medical facility
Different Kinds of Caregiver Jobs and How to Get One

Learn about this growing field, what it takes to get into it, and where to find work.

Tourist in Zurich, Switzerland
The 13 Best Things to Buy in March — and 4 to Avoid

March brings some choice sales, but you’re better off waiting to make some purchases.

Happy female driver
The 13 Best New Cars of 2024, According to Consumer Reports

Get the inside scoop on 2024’s top cars, as handpicked by experts.

Man or woman packing suitcase full of clothes or carry-on luggage bag
How to Go to Europe for 10 Days With Just a Carry-On

I’ve traveled to several continents without checking luggage. Here’s how I do it.

checking tax return status online
3 Ways to Track Your Federal Tax Refund

The IRS offers multiple options for checking on the status of your money, all of which are free.

Remote worker on phone and laptop
20 Companies Switching to Permanent Remote Work-From-Home Jobs

Work-from-home and remote-work policies are solid with these companies.

older couple getting tax advice
8 Income Tax Breaks That Retirees Often Overlook

Did you realize all these tax credits and deductions exist — or that they apply to retirees?

Sad college graduate looks at her diploma.
30 Colleges That Leave Grads Struggling to Earn $35,000

Graduates of most of these institutions have even lower incomes than people who never went to college.

UAW workers and students on strike
Striking Back: The 10 Biggest Work Stoppages Last Year

After years of painful inflation, frustrated workers fought harder than they have in decades for substantial pay increases and better working conditions. And across the country, they won, over and over.

How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow
How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow

We’ve all been there: a friend or family member is asking for money. Here’s exactly how you should respond.

Woman using a calendar on a laptop
5 Financial Dates and Deadlines in March 2024

Mark your calendar now so you don’t risk a fine or miss an opportunity to save.

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