12 Tips for Gracefully Returning Holiday Gifts

Here's your guide to delicately and cleverly turning unwanted gifts into cash, store credit and more.

10. Behave yourself

Gift returns — frankly, any trip to a store in the midst of the frenetic post-holiday season — are likely to try your patience. With that in mind, go when you are rested and have time to wait. Stick a snack bar in your pocket. Bring a book or game app, music and headphones for waiting in line. Bring your sense of humor. Leave the little ones at home if humanly possible.

You may well encounter frustration. Try to take it like the grownup you are.

11. Try regifting

If you can’t return a gift, you might know someone else who’d love it. Regifting isn’t always a tacky practice. It can be eco-friendly and easy on your budget. But there’s a good way and many bad ways to regift. Learn more: “7 Secrets to ‘Regifting’ Without Getting Caught.”

12. Consider eBay

If regifting isn’t cutting it, your final options — before donating the item to charity — are to sell the item online or at a yard sale. For more ideas, check out our story on “Where to Sell Your Stuff for Top Dollar” and “9 Sites You Haven’t Heard of to Sell Your Stuff.”

What’s your approach to returns? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

Marilyn Lewis
Marilyn Lewis
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