Take 5: This Week’s Blogger Roundup

A look at five interesting personal finance posts from other bloggers around the web. This week: Making money by avoiding the stock market, saving money by swapping houses, how to cheaply kill weeds, putting a value on the Sunday paper, and where to put your retirement money.

Take 5: This Week’s Blogger Roundup

1. The no-stock portfolio: Zero stocks for 15 years and doing fine!

[The Digerati Life] While I’m big into stocks and honest about it – I think I’m one of few bloggers to list my gains and losses publicly – this blog post gives an intriguing and opposite perspective. You should check it out, and check me out, before choosing your own path.

2. A frugal twist on travel: Try a house swap

[SecondAct] The next time you need a vacation, you can save money and “feel more like a local, less like a tourist” by simply swapping your house with someone else. Of course, it’s not as easy as booking a hotel room, but Second Act walks you through it. This is an idea we explored in 2008, then again last April in this story: Best Hotel Price You’ll Find This Summer? $0

3. Homemade weed killer recipes and tips

[Tipnut] I don’t have a green thumb myself, so I often turn to this site for money-saving advice. Never knew I could kill weeds by boiling them to death…

4. Is the Sunday paper still a value?

[The Simple Dollar] Here’s an interesting concept: Adding up the coupon value of the Sunday newspaper to see if it’s worth the purchase price. The verdict: You can still make money, but not nearly as much as in days gone by.

5. 4 reasons why a Roth IRA may be better than your 401(k)

[Wise Bread] It used to be a slam-dunk: The best place for your retirement money was in your employer’s 401(k). Are those days over? For part of your retirement investment dollars, maybe. This is an interesting look at why a Roth IRA might be worth a look.

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