Excited woman looking at her phone
Challenging a Medical Bill Usually Pays Off, Study Finds

An overwhelming majority of people are successful in getting some charges reversed, a new survey finds.

Man praying in church
4 American Values That Are Fading Fast

Principles that have guided the nation since its founding no longer are very important to millions of Americans, according to new polling.

Home in Nashville, Tennessee
10 Places With the Most Home Sellers Slashing Prices

Sellers are bowing to reality and cutting their asking prices in these big markets.

Man pondering his wealth
10 Things Preventing You From Getting Rich

You’re making at least one of these mistakes, if not all of them.

Woman working on her laptop
Writing an Effective Resume After You’ve Been Laid Off

A layoff isn’t the end of your career. Here’s how to build a stellar resume so you can find your next opportunity.

Woman pushing away doughnuts
5 Food Ingredients That Should Be Outlawed, Consumer Reports Says

California is considering banning these additives that have been linked to health issues.

Senior man pondering a question
Beware This Common Social Security Planning Mistake

Americans wildly miscalculate this aspect of their Social Security benefits.

Home in Tacoma, Washington
10 Housing Markets That Are Cooling Fastest

These metro areas — all located in the same region of the country — are cooling after years of frenzied activity.

Happy retirees
25 Tax Planning Tips for Now and the Future

Tax season is the perfect time to plan for your future. Here’s a thorough guide to taxes in retirement to help you.

remote job
The Best Jobs for Self-Employed Workers

Being your own boss can come with some great perks. Learn more here and see the best industries for self-employed workers.

Family at home watching movies
8 Essential Products for Homebodies

If you like to spend a lot of time at home, you’re going to love these Amazon finds.

Amazon package being retrieved or returned to an Amazon locker with a frown
Amazon to Warn Customers About Unsatisfying Products

The site is launching a new way to tell when other customers have been unhappy with a specific product and sent it back.

Single female homeowner
The 10 Most Affordable Housing Markets for Single Women

In these cities, a woman making a typical salary has a better shot at purchasing her piece of the American dream.

Family cleaning out the garage
6 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Garage

Here’s why it’s worth it to turn your attention to your garage — and great ideas for sprucing up this space.

Middle-aged worried couple
America’s Retirement Score Is Declining: Here’s Why

Find out how many Americans are on track — and how many are in danger of seeing their retirement derailed.

Senior couple on a date
10 of the Best Cities for Single Retirees

These cities are among the best bets for seniors hoping to find love.

Internet user on a laptop using a search engine for web search
Using This Search Engine Is Riskier Now, Experts Warn

You’ll want to be extra careful or avoid using it until the problem is fixed, experts say.

Landscaper working in a yard
12 Materials to Consider for Your Garden Path

Build a gorgeous, functional garden path that fits your needs, style, and budget. See how with these tips.

couple walking in New York City
15 Cities Where You Need to Work the Most Hours to Afford a Home

Wages are increasing, but so are housing prices. These cities are where you’ll need to work the most to afford a home.

Alabama State House in Montgomery
6 States That Are Taxing Retirees Less in 2023

These states won’t tax all of your retirement income this year.

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