Real estate agent
Should Real Estate Investors Buy Turnkey Properties?

Weigh the pros and cons of this kind of investment property.

Frustrated older woman who is a senior or retired woman looking at her smartphone in consternation
5 Social Security Payment Quirks That No One Warns You About

These details may not affect how much you get, but they’re still important to know.

Money Talks News the Podcast
10 Ways to Have Fun for Free or Nearly Free

We’ve gotten so used to shelling out money for entertainment, we’ve forgotten how much fun is available for free. Here’s a reminder.

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4 Ways Florida Homeowners Are Struggling Mightily With Insurance

Discover how — and why — Florida homeowners are struggling to find the right insurance.

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35 Tips to Stay Fit Working From Home

These tips will help you stay active throughout your remote workday.

Happy woman quitting her job
12 Common Reasons People Change Careers — and You Can Too

This is what drives the urge to make a new professional leap and what it takes.

Senior traveler looking out a train window
13 Trains That Offer Senior Discounts

Whether you ride for work or for fun, rail travel can be a delight – and if you’re a senior, that delight can sometimes be found at a discount. All aboard!

Woman drinking a glass of wine
9 of the Most Surprising Senior Discounts Out There

We all know about early bird specials and movie price breaks. But a savvy senior looks for savings across the board.

Happy woman hugging a large piggy bank
Tax Breaks for Gifts, Estates and Capital Gains Are Bigger in 2024

These changes mostly affect wealthy taxpayers, but some middle-class folks also likely will benefit.

A man counting money in front of a computer
20 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs With Flexibility

These job categories can offer both great pay and flexibility for a better work-life balance.

Jersey Mike's Subs in Las Vegas
10 Restaurants and Retailers Popping Up All Over the Place

These brands are growing fast and might soon appear in a neighborhood near you.

Retirement nest egg with $100 bill
7 Ways to Supersize Your Nest Egg After Age 50

It’s not too late to rewrite the rules of retirement if you use these tips.

Young woman playing the piano in a concert hall
16 Majors That Leave Grads Struggling to Earn $40,000

These majors may lead to fulfilling work, but they won’t make you rich.

Boat on a Pacific Ocean beach in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriquí province, Panama
How I Picked My Sleepy Panama Home

This quiet, overlooked town in western Panama could be your idea of paradise.

Man spraying for pests in a kitchen
14 Pest Control Tips for Your New Home

Learn how eliminate any pests from your new home — and keep them out.

Frustrated homeowner woman looking at mold on exposed wall beneath the window
9 Hidden Places Mold Grows in Your Home

Look around the rooms of your home and you’ll probably spot a few likely sources.

Waterpik water flossers at Costco
Are Water Flossers Worth the Money?

Ever wondered if water flossers really justify the price tag? Find out as experts deliver the truth.

Worker or boss emphasizing a tiny paycheck or little money sitting at a laptop on a desk
10 States Where Workers Earn the Least Money

Workers in these states have the lowest median pay rates.

Woman worried about inflation
How to Control Your Personal Inflation Level

You can’t control inflation, so focus instead on what you can control.

A woman puts cash in her wallet
6 Key Insights to Make You Happier Today and Wealthier in the Future

Learn about Stoic wisdom and how to apply it for financial success.

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