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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is way to automatically deliver our content to you. Most news-related websites, blogs, and online publishers provide RSS feeds to whomever wants them.

Why should I use RSS?

RSS solves a big problem for web surfers. It allows you to easily stay informed by automatically grabbing the latest content for the sites you’re interested in. You’ll save time because you wont have to visit each site individually to see if anything new has been put up.

What do I need to do to use RSS feeds?

First, you’ll need some sort of RSS reader or aggregator software with which to grab any RSS feeds you want to subscribe to.

There are a variety of RSS readers available for any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and even most smart-phones). Some popular programs are Amphetadesk (Windows, Mac, Linux), FeedReader (Windows), and NewsGator (Windows). NewsGator will perform an additional trick by integrating right into Outlook. There are also several web-based RSS feed readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo!, and Bloglines.

Once you’ve got an RSS reader set up, you can add RSS feeds to it and the reader will automatically grab the content for you. You’ll know whenever a new story or article is posted and be able to read it (or at least a description with a link to the full article) all in one place.

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