A star is born!

If you’re reading this, we want you to be a part of a news story!

If you’d like to see a map of network affiliates where you’ll be on, it’s right here.  Money Talks News also airs on major websites like MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. We’re the largest independent producer of personal finance video in the country, with an audience of about 15 million people weekly.

Following is a quick guide to setting yourself up to create good quality video that we can use to put you on TV!

Start by checking out the following video. It’s a quick behind-the-scenes with some tips to get you started.

Now, let’s recap…

Potential video cameras:

  • In general, the newer, and more expensive, camera you can get, the better. The camera we use to shoot news costs about $8,000 – you certainly don’t need anything that elaborate, but you get the idea: try to get the best camera you can.  If you have questions about the camera you have access to, just ask me.
  • Flip Mino HD camera. As we said in the video above, this camera is easy to use and, for the price, great quality.
  • An HD web cam such as a Microsft Lifecam. Not ideal, but with proper lighting, do-able.

Let there be light!

  • Pick a quiet area with good light. Make sure your face is lit well enough to see, but not so bright that you look radioactive. A window during the day could work, but make sure you’re entire face is lit evenly.  Shadows are bad. Remember: there’s nothing more important that good lighting.
  • Center yourself in the middle of your camera’s viewfinder and face the lens. It’s also OK to be slightly off to one side looking to the side of the camera as if you’re talking to someone standing next to it.
  • If there’s anyone around, ask them to help you make sure you’re in frame and well-lit.  If there’s not, just position the camera as best you can by looking at your chair – but make sure you don’t cut off your head.

What did you say?

  • While the focus is usually on video, audio is just as important. The ideal scenario is to have a lavalier microphone that clips to your shirt and plugs into the camera – you can get one cheap at Radio Shack or online.  Unfortunately, the current version of Flip Cams doesn’t allow for external mics, but fortunately, one’s coming out soon that will.
  • If the only microphone you have is the one on the camera, sit close enough to the camera so your to pick up your voice, but not too close: 4 feet or so is usually OK.  Not OK? Echoey audio.

Getting us the goods:

In order for us to get your video, just email me, Jim Robinson. I’ll invite you to a website, where you can upload your new video.

  • For best quality, taping your answers with a Flip is better than using a webcam.  Once you’re finished, just plug in your Flip camera, and drag your video clips to your desktop. (DO NOT USE THE INCLUDED SOFTWARE – It won’t give us full quality.)
  • Log on to takeoffvideo.com. You’ll receive an invitation from someone at Money Talks.
  • Then, select the clip and upload it. That’s it!
  • For Skype, just search for MoneyTalksNews and add us. Then, we’ll call to record the interview via your web camera. No uploading needed, but the quality is not the best.

The details…

Don’t forget to email us:

  • Correct spelling of your name.
  • Your title and company you work for.

We look forward to seeing your face!