Are You Covered For These 10 Winter Driving Hazards?

6. I was in an accident, but police are responding to injury-only crashes

Exchange information with the other parties involved and then file an accident report with local law enforcement after the weather has cleared, the Ohio Insurance Institute recommends. Some local agencies require you to complete forms in person, while others offer online filing services. Your insurance company will ask whether you filed an accident report when you call to report the claim.

7. My car was stolen when I left it running in the driveway to warm up

You’re better off braving the cold than letting the engine warm up in the morning while you finish your coffee inside. Besides tempting thieves, you also could get a ticket in some jurisdictions, such as Ohio, where it’s against the law to leave a car running unattended.

Still, comprehensive insurance would cover the loss, even if you made stealing the car easy.

Remember, though, if you decided to pass on comprehensive and collision coverage to save money, loss from theft would not be covered, nor would damage from vandalism, natural disaster or damage to your car that’s your own fault.

Review your policy or contact your insurer or agent if you’re not sure how auto insurance coverage applies to winter driving quandaries.

“That way you know what you’re up against and can take proactive measures,” Bonelli says.

8. I drove during a state of emergency and was in an accident

Drivers who dare to drive during bad weather are in luck because most car insurance policies will cover motorists who make bad choices. Your car insurance normally covers accidents that result from drivers negligence, whether it’s running a red light or driving — and crashing — during a snowstorm or other severe weather.

9. Strong winds and heavy snow during a blizzard caused a tree to fall on my car

Comprehensive insurance will cover damage to your car if a tree or other object falls on it. You will, however, have to pay a deductible.

10. Huge icicles fell on my car and caused lots of damage

If your car is damaged by falling ice, comprehensive insurance will cover it. You can file a claim but will have to pay the deductible.

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