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I am the founder of Words At Work, LLC, a writing, editing and consulting company based in Colorado. In the past, I worked as senior editor at Bankrate and senior managing editor at I've also written for and worked closely with U.S. News & World Report, GOBankingRates,, QuinStreet and many other websites and publications.
I've lived in Minneapolis (too cold), South Florida (too hot) and Denver (just right).

Worried middle-aged woman
The 12 Greatest Fears Workers Feel About Retirement

on July 15, 2022

Today’s workers say these are their biggest worries about their golden years.

Senior couple happy at home
It Takes This Much Money Just to Be ‘Comfortable,’ Americans Say

on July 14, 2022

We are redefining our notions of what it takes to be “wealthy” or “financially comfortable,” a survey finds.

Serious senior couple
The 3 Greatest Dementia Risks That You Can Change

on July 13, 2022

A large study finds that some common threats can be controlled through lifestyle changes.

Woman looking at meat at a grocery store
Salmonella Found in One-Third of This Grocery Store Meat

on July 13, 2022

A Consumer Reports study found high levels of bacteria that can make you sick.

Father and son with piggy bank
The Top 10 Financial Priorities for Americans

on July 13, 2022

A survey finds these are our top money goals as we try to return our lives to normal after two years of a pandemic.

Happy couple on vacation
Inflation? This Vacation Is Cheaper Than It’s Been in Decades

on July 12, 2022

This bucket-list destination is offering great deals, and they may get even better.

Eating This Food Can Sharply Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

on July 12, 2022

Try replacing your morning bacon with some of this.

Happy senior woman in an art studio
7 Ways Americans Expect to Fund Their Retirement

on July 9, 2022

Workers have multiple sources of income they plan to tap to cover living expenses.

Shady car salesman
New Rule Could Give Car Buyers More Peace of Mind

on July 8, 2022

The government wants to make sure you have less to worry about when buying your next car.

Woman thinking about retirement
This Is How Much Workers Think They Need to Retire

on July 8, 2022

Rightly or wrongly, most Americans feel they will need far less than experts generally recommend.

Woman putting money in a piggy bank
10 Places Americans Are Saving for Retirement

on July 8, 2022

Of the many ways to save for retirement, Americans like these best.

Woman upset by hidden fee
Here’s How to Spot and Avoid Hidden Fees

on July 8, 2022

Hidden fees are popping up at everything from restaurants to ride-hailing services.

Senior woman touching her neck
Thyroid Condition Linked to Higher Dementia Risk

on July 7, 2022

Researchers have found that the risk of a dementia diagnosis can jump by as much as 81%.

Three dogs
This Type of Dog Is Most Likely to Get Cancer

on July 6, 2022

One type of dog has an especially high risk of being diagnosed with the illness.

Young professional woman
Grads of These Business Programs Earn up to $165K a Year

on July 6, 2022

A study finds that business degrees pay off, particularly ones from these schools.

Happy senior woman
This Simple Step May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk by 40%

on July 5, 2022

Getting protected against one type of illness can significantly reduce your risk of dementia, according to a large study.

Happy car owner
This Is the Cheapest Car Brand to Own in the Long Run

on July 5, 2022

The initial sticker price is just one part of the overall expense of owning a car.

A happy family shopping
17 States With Sales Tax Breaks This Summer

on July 4, 2022

If your state is on this list, you could soon save on items ranging from clothing to computers.

Senior woman with a dog
Free Tool Helps Older People Pay for Rising Expenses

on July 1, 2022

Seniors and those with disabilities can find help from nearly 2,000 benefits programs.

Young woman and older woman chatting on a couch.
20% of Older People Believe This, and It Could Ruin Their Retirement

on July 1, 2022

A big misconception could doom millions of retirees to running out of money.

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