Karla Bowsher

Before becoming managing editor of Money Talks News, I covered both personal and public finance.

I've worked for a top 50 major metro daily and a community newspaper as well as a nonprofit investigative publication. I’ve won state and national awards for my investigative reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists and multiple state press associations.

Before journalism, I worked in health care for the better part of a decade.

When I’m not editing, writing, reading or sleeping, I’m growing obscure tropical vegetables. During tax season, I serve as an IRS-certified volunteer tax return preparer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Worried senior reviewing bills
Those Extra Medicare Perks Likely Cost More Than You Think

on November 18, 2021

Nearly all plans limit coverage for dental, vision and hearing benefits.

Older worker looking for a new job
Bill Would Protect Older Job Seekers From Discrimination

on November 8, 2021

It also would require the federal government to conduct a study on age discrimination among job applicants.

Worried senior sitting in a hospital bed
Why Are Dying Seniors Changing Their Medicare Coverage?

on October 27, 2021

A government report reveals a troubling pattern among Medicare enrollees in their last year of life.

Unhappy man watching TV
These 2 Hulu Plans Are Getting More Expensive — but Are Still Pretty Cheap

on September 23, 2021

Despite impending price hikes, Hulu’s options remain relatively affordable if you can live without live TV.

Worried seniors reviewing bills
This Type of Medicare Enrollee Reports the Most Cost Problems

on September 9, 2021

Seniors with one particular type of Medicare report far more cost-related issues than their peers.

Walmart website
9 Ways Anyone Can Save Even More at Walmart

on September 7, 2021

You don’t even need a Walmart+ membership to take advantage of these opportunities.

Hand holding an Amazon envelope or package while pet cat looks up
9 Things That Really Are Free on Amazon

on September 3, 2021

These freebies are available to both Prime members and nonmembers.

Stressed senior worrying about finances
2 Things That Hurt Social Security’s Inflation Protection

on September 2, 2021

Social Security benefits are adjusted for inflation every year, but the increases are not what they seem.

Worried woman reading a report
How to Tell If Fraudsters Have Opened Bank Accounts in Your Name

on August 12, 2021

A little-known consumer report can alert you to problems in your banking history.

Group of friends eating at a restaurant
9 Ways to Save up to 50% on Your Next Restaurant Meal

on July 20, 2021

The cost of eating out is on the rise, but there’s still no reason to pay full price.

Woman checking her mailbox
5 Ways to Put an End to Junk Mail

on July 7, 2021

Here’s how to keep unwanted mail from clogging your mailbox and trash can.

Woman using a tablet
7 Places to Find Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

on July 7, 2021

If you have an internet connection, you should know about these free coupon resources.

Woman with vacuum
The 3 Best Vacuum Brands, According to Consumers

on May 21, 2021

Here are the brands that vacuum owners themselves rate highest — as well as those they rate lowest.

Woman working on investments at her computer
Savvy Investors Love This Brokerage Firm Most

and on May 14, 2021

Investors who don’t have go-to financial advisers rate this brokerage firm highest.

Couple doing their taxes
You Have 1 Week Left to Claim These Income Tax Breaks

on May 10, 2021

You have right up to Tax Day to take advantage of these opportunities to save.

President Joe Biden
9 Groups Who Should Brace for Higher Income Taxes

on May 6, 2021

Recent proposals would hike taxes for people with a wide range of incomes.

Senior in a wheelchair enjoying the outdoors
How Biden’s New Jobs Plan Would Help Seniors

on April 1, 2021

The president aims to improve life for the elderly and the disabled as well as workers.

Woman using an ATM
6 Banks That Waive or Refund ATM Fees

on March 31, 2021

Yes, it’s possible to dodge ATM fees with the right institution.

Happy older couple
6 Ways the New COVID-19 Relief Law Affects Retirees

on March 16, 2021

Most of these changes are good news for older Americans, but one could cost some retirees.

Woman checking her mailbox
Here’s When — and How — to Expect Your Next Stimulus Check

on March 11, 2021

This is the White House’s current plan for issuing the $1,400-per-eligible-person payments.

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