Stacy Johnson

I'm the founder of Money Talks News and have spent the last 40+ years in the personal finance trenches. I'm a CPA, author of a few books and multiple Emmy recipient. I'm married to a woman I don't deserve, have an awesome dog and live on the water in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Should You Buy an Electric Car?

on January 28, 2022

Electric cars are dominating the headlines, and there’s likely one in your future. But should you wait or plug in ASAP? Here’s a look at the pros and cons.

Money with Stacy Johnson
What to Expect for Stocks, Interest Rates and Housing This Year

on January 21, 2022

The last few years have been stellar, provided that you owned stocks and a house or two. But nothing lasts forever. Here’s what’s ahead for 2022 and beyond.

Money with Stacy Johnson
The Steps You Need to Take Now to Retire Rich

on January 14, 2022

You’ll spend a third of your life in retirement, so planning well in advance is critical. Here’s a timetable of the steps you need to take along the way.

Money with Stacy Johnson
The 60/40 Investment Mix is Dead – Or Is It?

on January 7, 2022

60% stocks and 40% bonds has been the recommended investment mix for decades. Not anymore.

Money with Stacy Johnson
What Could Go Wrong? 10 Biggest Financial Risks for 2022

on December 31, 2021

Into every life some rain must fall, but these days it seems there are more financial dark clouds on the horizon than usual. Here’s what we see and what you should do.

Money with Stacy Johnson
10 Secrets to Maximizing Your Social Security

on December 24, 2021

Social Security seems simple enough: Work, retire, get check. But as with many things, the devil is in the details.

Foolish rich guy
8 Things Rich People Buy That Make Them Look Dumb

on December 24, 2021

What’s worse than wasting money? Spending it on things that make you look silly.

A woman opens a magical holiday gift
This Last-Minute Gift Will Change Your Life Forever

on December 21, 2021

For the price of a fast-food meal, you can change your life, or someone else’s.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Top Money Predictions for 2022

on December 17, 2021

Want to know what will happen to stocks, housing, gas prices and more in 2022? Here’s what the experts see happening in your financial future.

Money with Stacy Johnson
The Best Investments for Rising Interest Rates

on December 10, 2021

Rising rates mean that safer investments will look increasingly attractive relative to stocks, resulting in money leaving stocks, driving down stock prices.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing: Hope or Hype?

on December 3, 2021

If you believe in a better environment and society, now you can put your money where your mouth is. But should you?

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Organize Your Finances, Step by Step

on November 26, 2021

Can you learn how to manage your family’s finances in minutes a year, while doing a better job? Yes, you can.

Money with Stacy Johnson
10 Moves You Should Make Now to Lower This Year’s Taxes

on November 19, 2021

We’re about to enter the holiday season. Before you get busy, how about investing one hour today that might save you $1,000 next April?

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Find the Best Dividend Stocks, Step by Step

on November 12, 2021

Social Security isn’t the only game in town. There are other ways to achieve growing retirement income.

Inflation Is Surging: Here Are 8 Ways to Beat It
Inflation Is Surging: Here Are 8 Ways to Beat It

on November 10, 2021

The Consumer Price Index is one way the government measures rising prices. But what’s your personal inflation rate?

Woman looking at her insurance policy on a laptop
5 Smart Ways to Spend Your ‘Free’ Hour on Sunday

on November 5, 2021

You can sleep an extra 60 minutes this weekend thanks to the end of daylight saving time. Or, you can invest that time so it pays dividends year-round.

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Pick Winning Stocks, Step by Step

on November 5, 2021

Want to learn something that could make you richer? In this episode, we walk you through the art and science of picking stocks.

Money with Stacy Johnson
25 Pieces of Popular Financial Advice You Should Ignore

on October 29, 2021

Sometimes, conventional wisdom is unwise. How many of these dumb ideas have you been taught?

Money with Stacy Johnson
Inflation May Be Here to Stay — Here’s How to Beat It

on October 22, 2021

Rising prices, otherwise known as inflation, could wreak havoc on stocks, bonds and the economy. The Federal Reserve says not to worry. What if they’re wrong?

Money with Stacy Johnson
Will the Biden Social Spending Plan Raise Middle-Class Taxes?

on October 15, 2021

One side says the Build Back Better plan will tax the middle class; the other says it’s fully financed by the rich. Who’s right? You’re about to find out.

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