Stacy Johnson

I'm the founder of Money Talks News and have spent the last 40+ years in the personal finance trenches. I'm a CPA, author of a few books and multiple Emmy recipient. I'm married to a woman I don't deserve, have an awesome dog and live on the water in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Man with money
The 10 Golden Rules of Becoming a Millionaire

on April 19, 2021

I’m a millionaire several times over. I got here the same way you can — by following these simple steps.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Why Traditional Retirement Investing Is Broken

on April 15, 2021

Thanks to low interest rates, the 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds no longer works. What’s an investor to do?

Senior man in the hospital
Do You Have to Sign Up for Medicare?

on April 13, 2021

Medicare is a great health care solution for seniors. But there are situations when you don’t want it — at least not yet.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Low-Risk Ways to Earn More on Your Savings

on April 9, 2021

How the heck are you supposed to keep your savings safe and still earn interest? Here are a few ideas.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Will Robots and Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

on April 1, 2021

One thing is for sure: There are changes ahead.

Retired couple in front of their home
I’m a Retiree — Should I Rent or Own My Home?

on March 31, 2021

A retiree says he doesn’t want to own. I’m not inclined to disagree. Here’s why.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

on March 29, 2021

Whether you’re wondering if you should buy bitcoin or if it’s time to sell, here’s what you need to know.

Group of happy seniors
Should I Buy a Home in a 55-Plus Community?

on March 27, 2021

In some ways, buying a home in a retirement community is like buying a home anywhere. But in other ways, it’s completely different. Here’s what you need to know.

Woman with an umbrella
What Is Umbrella Insurance, and Do I Need It?

on March 23, 2021

Umbrella insurance picks up where other policies leave off. Here’s how to know if you need it.

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Become a Millionaire, Guaranteed

on March 19, 2021

Becoming a millionaire may not be easy, but it is simple.

Money with Stacy Johnson
The Stock Market Is a Roller Coaster: Here’s Where It’s Heading Next

on March 12, 2021

Up hundreds of points one day, down hundreds the next, stocks seem to be going crazy. But there’s a method to this madness.

Money with Stacy Johnson
COVID-19 Relief Coming Soon: Here’s What You Need to Know

on March 11, 2021

One of the most expensive bills ever passed by Congress is about to become law, and no matter who you are, you’ll be affected.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Talking Money with Your Honey: How to Do It Painlessly

on March 5, 2021

Money is a leading causes of conflict. That’s why you should talk to your partner about it early and often. Here’s how to do it without ruffling feathers.

Money with Stacy Johnson
The Pros and Cons of Working in Retirement

on February 26, 2021

Retirement doesn’t have to be synonymous with not working. It could mean working, but only doing things you want to do, not have to do.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Commonly Overlooked Tax Breaks and Other Tax Stuff to Know

on February 19, 2021

Here are this year’s commonly overlooked deductions and answers to many tax questions.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Everything You Need to Know About Medicare

on February 12, 2021

More than 61 million Americans use Medicare, and it’s likely most of them were confused when they first encountered this complex program.

Woman happy with her free tax filing online
How to Get Your Taxes Done Absolutely Free

on February 11, 2021

There are now very few people who should pay anything to file their taxes. Before you pay for software or a tax-prep service, read this.

Money with Stacy Johnson
How the Biden Presidency Could Affect Your Money

on February 5, 2021

Here are the ways Biden’s plans may add to — or take away from — your savings.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Estate Planning Tips and Tricks

on January 30, 2021

Nobody wants to confront their own mortality. But estate planning doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or expensive.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Is the Stock Market in a Dangerous Bubble?

on January 29, 2021

When is the market about to crash? That’s easy. It’s when investors are least expecting it.

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