Couple w Credit Cards
Dean Drobot /

According to a survey conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, 6 in 10 Americans don’t shop their credit cards. Instead, they just take the one offered by their bank, or answer a direct mail ad.

This is not the way to pick your plastic, because you could easily end up paying too much interest, or missing the opportunity for cash back or valuable rewards like free flights and hotels. Why leave serious money on the table?

If you pay off your card every month, find one with rewards that match your lifestyle, or earn the most possible cash back. If you carry a balance, find the card with the lowest interest rate, or maybe one with a zero percent introductory rate. Card searches only take a few minutes and could mean hundreds more in rewards or hundreds less in interest.

New cards and deals come out all the time, so once you’ve found that perfect plastic, do it again every few months!