Save on 6" and 8" models at a fraction of the price of other retailers. Shop Now at eBay Tips Sold by Zinus via eBay. These mattresses are "distressed inventory" and do not include a warranty. They are sold as is, and all sales are final. As we understand it at DealNews, Distressed Inventory mattresses are heavily discounted, overstock mattresses that may have trouble decompressing properly due to being boxed in a warehouse for longer than anticipated. See retailer notes for tips on decompressing these mattresses. Features Twin 8" for $36.33 (low by $94) Full 6" for $39.11 (low by $118) Queen from $44.82 (at least $115 low) King 8" for $64.95 (at least $170 low) Model: AZ-BFHM