For anyone who still misses their childhood car bed, Fancy offers the ultimate adult version in the Circu Bun Van Bed. It'll run you $37,440, plus an extra $3,744 for shipping, but surely cost doesn't really matter when you can relive such a treasured moment from your youth -- but better (especially when you'd pay at least $5,616 elsewhere).

How much better? Modeled after a classic '60s Volkswagon Bus, this bed comes equipped with a mattress, several storage compartments, TV, secretary desk, mini bar, and sofa. The palisander wood veneer interior finish is the final touch that makes this "van" more retro than the Mystery Machine. Unfortunately, you're in for a bit of a wait after you order this masterpiece, as it has a production lead time of 12 weeks, followed by the 5 to 22 days it'll take to ship from Portugal, but just think of it as building anticipation.