15 Ways to Ensure Your Donated Dollars Will Make a Difference

Pointers and tools that help you donate your money with passion and confidence.

africa hunger photoPhoto (cc) by Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

The Life You Can Save: Emphasis on efficiency

The Life You Can Save, founded by philosopher Peter Singer, is based on Effective Altruism: Leading an ethical life using a portion of personal wealth and resources to alleviate the effects of extreme poverty. Helmed by Charlie Bresler, former president of The Men’s Wearhouse, it says 16 organizations in 2015 are well-suited to deliver highly effective aid. The group encourages donors to publicly pledge a percentage of their incomes.

One charity backed by Singer’s group, Project Healthy Children, sends experts to low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa to boost the quality of mandatory micronutrient fortification of staple foods such as sugar, wheat and maize flour. Fortification costs of 26 cents per person per year return much more in productivity gains and savings to a nation’s health care system, Singer’s group says.

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