Kroger Offering Free Package of Snickers — but Act Fast

If you don't live near a Kroger, you can still take advantage of similar offers at other grocery chains. Find out how.

Kroger Offering Free Package of Snickers — but Act Fast Photo (cc) by Leonid Mamchenkov

If you live near a Kroger but haven’t signed up for a digital account with the grocery chain, you’re missing out on free Snickers today.

Kroger’s digital coupons currently feature a coupon that’s good for one free Snickers Crisper Bar (1.41-ounce package) or one free six-pack of Snickers Almond Fun Size (3.74-ounce package).

No purchase is necessary. All you need to take advantage of the offer is a Kroger digital account, which is free. (Kroger does require your email address, but if you’re worried about receiving spam, create a separate email address to use exclusively to sign up for deal programs.)

Also note that the Snickers coupon is a special one-day offering, part of what Kroger calls its “Free Friday Download.” So while the coupon is valid until Feb. 21, you must download it today.

If you don’t live near a Kroger, you can still take advantage of similar offers.

Many national and regional grocery chains offer their own versions of Kroger’s digital account that grants access to potentially hundreds of dollars in savings at any given time. Many chains also offer free mobile apps as an alternative way to access such savings.

These chains include the following, and you can also check your favorite grocery chain’s website for a savings program.


  • Printable coupons — $389.79 in coupon savings is currently available
  • Mobile app (for Apple iOS and Android)
  • Go to the Albertsons homepage and click “Register” in the upper right corner






Which grocery stores’ savings programs have you taken advantage of? Let us know which have worked best for you below or on Facebook.

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