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For more than 20 years, Money Talks News has been providing consumer and personal finance news for dozens of network-affiliated TV newsrooms nationwide. More recently, the nation’s largest independent producer of money news has become a fixture at major websites like MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and others.

Now Money Talks News is expanding into radio with a new feature called “Money Minute:” a ready-to air segment that provides fast-paced tips to help your audience make more, spend less and avoid being ripped off. Check out the 30-second video below for more.

About the feature

Hosted by Stacy Johnson, Money Minute is a condensed version of our objective TV news series that delivers valuable advice, tips and information to your listeners in a fun, one minute package.

Many of your listeners will already know Stacy. He’s a CPA who’s also earned licenses in stocks, commodities, options, securities supervisory, real estate and life insurance. He’s been awarded multiple Emmys and over the last 20 years has written, produced and hosted more than 3,000 personal finance TV news stories. He’s done countless radio and television interviews and has written three books: “Life or Debt”, “Money Made Simple,” and “Life or Debt 2010.” Check out his bio here.

Stacy is also available for interviews on virtually any money-related topic.

Here’s a recent interview with WINK News radio.

Interview with Radio America.

Listener Benefit

The advice and tips within Money Minute are entertaining, useful, easy-to-understand, and appeal to the broadest possible audience. It’s a quick way to deliver useful, specific advice to your listeners so they can keep more of their hard-earned cash: a way to pay your audience to listen!

Cost & Distribution

The series is delivered via high-quality MP3 files. A password-protected site allows you to preview and instantly download the segments. It’s quick, easy and best of all — free!

  • Dry or mixed versions available. (Below is a sample of the mixed).
  • Custom promos and liners available upon request.
  • Room for your sponsorship.

Listen to our samples below

Money Minute Save On Gas

Money Minute Lost Luggage

Money Minute Save On Hotels

Simply download the clip you need, and you’ll have a high-quality spot ready for air in seconds.

  • The Money Minute is available 3 times weekly.
  • Segments are pre-taped.
  • Segment is 60-seconds and you’re free to find sponsorship.
  • As of 6/2011, a barter trade isn’t required, but Money Talks reserves the right to add contained sponsorship.
  • Affidavits required should series become sponsored by Money Talks News (Can be sent online)
  • The series is free* for commercial broadcast stations upon approval by J&G Productions.
  • Segments are available as a mixed clip with music or dry.
  • Audio available as a direct download in .mp3 format from

Typical Sponsored Segment Breakdown:

[:00 – :04] The Money Talks [COMPANY] Money Minute…

[:05 – :60] Primary content

Typical Non-Sponsored Segment Breakdown:

[:00 – :03] The Money Talks Money Minute…

[:04 – :60] Primary content

Sponsorships can be placed before or after the segment. There are no restrictions from Money Talks News.

  • The series remains free and is branded with the Money Talks News website. Announcement of series on-air must include: “Money Talks News dot com Money Minute.”

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