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Borrow $250,000 with a 30-year, 4 percent fixed-rate mortgage, and over the life of the loan you’ll pay $179,674 in interest. But increase the rate to 6 percent, and you’ll pay $289,595. That’s a difference of nearly $110,000 — enough to help you retire earlier, start a business or put your kids through college.

In short, those measly 2 percentage points could change your life. There are two ingredients to the best possible mortgage rate: having stellar credit and shopping hard. When it comes to improving your credit, we offer articles like “8 Little-Known Ways to Raise Your Credit Score” and “How to Clean Up Your Credit History.” And when it comes to finding the best deal, the mortgage search below is the tool for the job.

After all, there aren’t many ways to earn $110,000 in a few minutes.

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