10 Holiday Hazards That Cause Pet Emergencies (and Big Vet Bills)

Some of the season's trimmings, foods and festivities are dangerous for our four-legged friends, and could make them ill or worse.

1. Cold

alexei_tm / Shutterstock.com

True, some dogs relish cold weather, like those featured in a list published by The American Kennel Club (AKC). But other dogs — think Chihuahuas and toy terriers — lose heat quickly and may benefit from warm attire, said Gina Pollock, co-founder of retailer PuppyKisses. Not sure if your dog needs a coat? That’s understandable. It really depends on breed, age and medical condition of your pet. And coats and sweaters can irritate skin, cause overheating, or even choke an animal. Before you dress your pet, consult your vet (just call their office and ask — you likely don’t need an appointment) and read this article from PetMD. For cats, sweaters are basically never essential, explains Pet MD, and could cause them to overheat, or impede their movement, causing an accident.

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