10 Terrific Gifts for the Crazy Cat Person in Your Life

Purr-fectly fabulous finds for felines and their devoted friends.

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Cat people are everywhere. Forget the stereotype of the woman who lives alone and has a dozen felines purring around her feet: Cats are beloved by men, women, children, teens, northerners, southerners, Democrats, Republicans, you name it.

If there’s a feline fancier in your life — and we know there is — take a few minutes to prowl through this purr-fect collection of cat-related gifts. They’re clawsome.

1. Laptop cat-scratching pad

Uncommon Goods / Money Talks News

If you’ve got a laptop and own cats, you’ve almost surely walked away from it and returned to find Fluffy sprawled across the keyboard, merrily texting “phffffffffbt” to your boss or your mom. Give her a scratching-post laptop of her own (complete with “mouse” and frame for a replaceable monitor image) and she’ll not only stay away from yours, but also keep her claws trimmed. Cost: $35 from Uncommon Goods.

2. Fur-tune cookie cat toy

Modcloth / Money Talks News

This cute fortune-cookie-shaped organic catnip toy even has a cat-appropriate fortune: “Blame it on the dog.” Since your cat can’t indulge in a big dish of kung pao chicken, this is the next best thing. Cost: $15 from Modcloth.

3. Cat jewelry stand

Fuego / Money Talks News

This classically catty jewelry stand is a change of pace: For once, cats will help you keep track of your valuables instead of knocking them under the bed or batting them beneath the coffee table. Cost: $15 from Fuego.

4. Cat wine stopper

Fuego / Money Talks News

Pinot meow! This cat wine stopper will keep your opened vino fresh, plus decorate the bottle with a bit of cat-titude. Cost: $15 from Fuego.

5. Cat tiki mugs

ArchieMcPhee.com / Money Talks News

Raise a glass to your furry friends with this set of cat-themed tiki mugs. Just remember the old saying: You’re not drinking alone if your cat’s home. Cost: $24.95 for four from Archie McPhee.

6. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Archie McPhee.com / Money Talks News

This Crazy Cat Lady action figure is for the cat maniacs who are willing to laugh at themselves. Sure it’s a stereotype, but there’s a bit of painful truth buried in the fuzzy pockets of her comfy pink robe. Meowza! Cost: $10.50 from Archie McPhee.

7. Cat paper-towel holder

Signals.com / Money Talks News

Dogs may fetch the newspaper for you, but most cats prefer no chores, thank you very much. This cast-iron paper-towel-holder cat defies the stereotypes and actually helps out around the house. Cost: $35 from Signals.

8. Cat water fountain

Cat water fountainPetco / Money Talks News

Ever discovered Mittens up on your bathroom sink, lapping away at a dripping faucet? No question, cats love running water, and this adorable flower-themed water fountain lets them drink up with no extra work on your part. Cost: $30 from Petco.

9. Pusheen box subscription

Pusheen Box / Money Talks News

Forget Garfield and Grumpy Cat: The cat of the moment is Pusheen, created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff in 2010 for an online comic strip. If someone you know is a Pusheen fan, sign them up for the Pusheen subscription box. They’ll receive a gift box stuffed with vinyl figures, clothing, sunglasses, pencil cases, popsicle molds, shower curtains — anything and everything with cute little Pusheen on it. Rates are cheaper if you pre-pay for a year, but you can also just buy one box. Cost: Starting at $40 per box from Pusheen Box.

10. Cat egg mold

Cat face egg mold.Walmart / Money Talks News

Cat got your tongue? For an eggs-actly right breakfast, consider this cat-face-shaped egg mold ($8). This smiley feline will get your mornings off to a purr-fect start, especially if you add the optional bacon bow tie. Cost: $8 at Walmart and other retailers.

Do you have cat-themed gifts to recommend? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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