12 Dumb Things We Pay For, but Don’t Need To

We pay for so many things that we can actually get for free or cheap. Here are some, and how to stop making these dumb purchases.

Even when we think we are being frugal, most of us spend money on things that we could actually get for free. And in many cases, it’s not as if we are consciously paying for greater convenience or some other intangible. We’re just throwing money down the toilet.

So even if you think you have tightened up your budget and eliminated unnecessary expenditures, we’re betting that you can wring out more savings by reviewing this list of dumb things we all pay for that we really shouldn’t. It includes products and fees that can be avoided with no impact on your lifestyle.

Check it out and then put the savings in the bank, pay off some debt — or at least spend it on something that you really want or need.

1. Bottled water

Tarr Pichet / Shutterstock.comTarr Pichet / Shutterstock.com

When you put down a buck or two for bottled water — unless you live in Flint, Michigan, or you are dying of dehydration — you’ve wasted your money. What you get in those bottles is sometimes tap water, or maybe filtered water. Either way, you could have avoided that purchase by carrying your own reusable water bottle from home — you can filter it there if your tap water is at all funky — or by drinking from a fountain. You’d also have saved the environment from one more plastic bottle.

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