12 Dumb Things We Pay For, but Don’t Need To

We pay for so many things that we can get for free or cheap. Here are tips to prevent you from making these dumb purchases.

2. Books

Yuriy Rudyy / Shutterstock.com Yuriy Rudyy / Shutterstock.com

Books are expensive and most of us read them exactly once.

There are a few books that it’s nice to own — maybe a cookbook or other reference book, or a classic that you read and reread. But most books just fill shelves and collect dust.

So, when the temptation next arises, try this: Borrow the book from the nearest public library. After all, you’ve already paid for it with your tax dollars.

Many older books also can be downloaded for free because they are now in the public domain. Project Gutenberg offers more than 50,000 e-books. Or, you can opt for free audiobooks through sites such as LibriVox.

You can also buy used books on Amazon.com or any number of more specialized book websites for a fraction of the cost of a new book.

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