15 Ways to Save Money on Divorce

In addition to being emotionally draining, divorce can end up costing you a bundle. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the financial damage.

1. Have realistic goals when you start the divorce process

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Create a list of the things you hope to achieve in the divorce, and share the list with your attorney. A good attorney can help you decide what to realistically expect from a settlement, says New York City attorney Gabriella Dylan Formosa.

“At your initial consult, be wary of an attorney who promises you the world, or assures you (that) he or she can get you whatever you’re asking for,” Formosa says. “Guarantees in the matrimonial world are few and far between, so promises like this signal that your attorney isn’t realistic. This could translate into large fees spent fighting for things that aren’t worth fighting for.”

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