20 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With a Two-Year Degree

If you're eager to get into the workforce and want to avoid major college debt, check out these career paths.

1. Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllerStoyan Yotov / Shutterstock.com

Median income (2017): $124,540
Expected job growth (2016-2026): 3 percent

If you want to earn some serious money, become an air traffic controller. These folks help guide the planes in the sky and can earn six-digit incomes doing so. Some may have a bachelor’s degree, but you can also land a job with an associate degree from an approved school. Given the importance of their job, air traffic controllers also have to pass medical and background checks, a skills assessment and a special training course from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The other thing to know is that growth is slower than average in this field. BLS advises:

Competition for air traffic controller jobs is expected to be very strong, with many people applying for a relatively small number of jobs.


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