19 Holiday Gifts That Take Cozy to a Whole New Level

Check out these new and inspired products for people of all ages (and their pets) to celebrate the season in comfort and warmth.

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The early bleak days of winter have settled in, when 5:30 p.m. is as dark and cold as midnight and snuggling under the comforter until April seems like a viable option. Treat your favorite holiday gift recipient to a present from this list, and relax in the knowledge you’ve made their long cold nights a little cozier and a lot more comfortable. Maybe that gift recipient is you? Sweet!

1. Heated mouse

Heatedmouse.com / Money Talks NewsValueRays / Money Talks News

Surfing the web can feel more like surfing the waves on a sunny beach with this heated computer mouse. (Price around $20.) Click here to purchase.

2. Tabletop fireplace

Sharper Image/Money Talks NewsSharper Image / Money Talks News

Don’t have a fireplace? You can now. This sophisticated, modern fireplace runs on clean-burning ethanol. (Price around $190.) Buy it here.

3. Gingerbread house mug toppers

Williams-Sonoma/Money Talks NewsWilliams-Sonoma / Money Talks News

Like a lemon slice perched on a cocktail, these adorable gingerbread houses latch onto your cocoa mug and are completely edible. (Prices range from $11-$31 for one.) Buy them here.

4. S’mores heated slippers

Smoko/Amazon.com / Money Talks NewsSmoko/Amazon.com / Money Talks News

Tasty meets toasty when this camping dessert favorite turns into Smoko USB foot warmers. Wear them all winter to remind yourself of those sultry summer nights around the bonfire. Smoko also makes narwhal-shaped foot warmers. (Price about $36.) Click here to buy.

5. Toast hand warmers

Smoko/Amazon.com / Money Talks NewsSmoko/Amazon.com / Money Talks News

Stay toasty while you type when you sandwich your hands in these fuzzy dudes. (They run about $27-$50, depending on features you choose.) Click here for details.

6. Wireless rechargeable glove-warming liners

Sharper Image/Money Talks NewsSharper Image / Money Talks News

Whether you’re skiing or shoveling, these turn regular winter gloves into heating pads for your hands. Do you want to build a snowman? (Price around $100.) Click to buy.

7. Heated wrap

Hamacher Schlemmer / Money Talks NewsHammacher Schlemmer / Money Talks News

Sadly, we often have to get out of our toasty warm beds and head to the office, but with this heated wrap, it’s as if your bedclothes came with you. (Price about $25.) Click here to purchase.

8. Godiva Chocolate of the Month Club

IMAGE: Godiva Chocolate of the Month ClubGodiva / Money Talks News

You’ll be remembered by the recipient of this gift every month when a box of mouth-watering chocolates arrives in the mail. At the least, it’ll blunt the pain of the junk mail and utility bills. (Priced at $65-$430, depending on chocolates and length of term.) Click here to purchase.

9. Pajama warming pouch

Hammacher Schlemmer / Money Talks NewsHammacher Schlemmer / Money Talks News

Slide your PJs — or towel, hat or gloves — into the pack. When you put them on, it’s as if they just popped out of a warm dryer. (Price about $40.) Click here to buy.

10. Buddha Bowl

Elan McPherson/Uncommon Goods/Money Talks NewsUncommon Goods / Money Talks News

Fill this hand-made bowl with soup, hot cereal, cocoa, or anything else delicious and warm, crook your finger through the handle, nestle the bowl in your palm and enjoy the tranquility of warming your tummy and your hand all at once. (Price about $30.) Buy here.

11. Ombre Pet Cave

Uncommon Goods / Money Talks NewsUncommon Goods / Money Talks News

Let Mittens have a cozy holiday too with this snuggly cave, perfect for cat naps or just hiding. Made in Nepal with a blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wools. (Price about $60.) Purchase here.

12. Trio of touchscreen gloves

Verloop Knits/ Money Talks NewsVerloop Knits / Money Talks News

Wait, you don’t have three hands … right? These touchscreen-friendly gloves give you a pair and a spare. (Price about $25.) Buy them here.

13. Chicken soup gift basket

Spoonful of Comfort / Money Talks NewsSpoonful of Comfort / Money Talks News

When you can’t be there to stir up homemade soup for a loved one, this is the next best thing. The basket includes four to six servings of the soup of your choice (butternut squash, tomato basil, chicken noodle or harvest vegetable), plus rolls, cookies and a ladle. (Prices begin at around $125.) Click here for more.

14. Coffee foam art stencils

Gcircus/Amazon/Money Talks NewsGcircus/Amazon / Money Talks News

Spoil yourself and your coffee-drinking guests by brewing up lattes or cappuccinos decorated with the help of these stencils. Hold over a hot drink and sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa onto the milk foam for a beautiful beverage. Comes with mesh shaker. (Price about $14.) Buy them here.

15. Balsam fir scented fire logs

Pine Mountain / Walmart/Money Talks NewsPine Mountain / Money Talks News

What’s better than a crackling fire on a cozy night? A crackling fire that almost fools you into believing you’re snuggled in a divinely scented forest. (Price about $24 for box of four.) Click to buy.

16. Cashmere-lined leather gloves

Bloomingdale's / Money Talks NewsBloomingdale’s / Money Talks News

Sumptuous leather for the stylish look on the outside, enveloping soft cashmere lining for the warmth on the inside. (Price around $70.) Buy here.

17. Fox pillow warmer

Smoko/Amazon/Money Talks NewsSmoko/Amazon / Money Talks News

Kids small and large can outfox the cold with this plush heated pillow. (Price around $36.) Click here to buy.

18. Warming furniture protector

Sharper Image/Money Talks NewsSharper Image / Money Talks News

Drape this microsuede cover over a sofa, and it’ll be sure to become everyone’s favorite couch, including the pets. Warms you up as it protects your furniture. (Price around $160.) Click to buy.

19. Cocoa lovers’ gift pack

Penzeys Spices/Money Talks NewsPenzeys Spices / Money Talks News

If hot chocolate is your jam, here are three flavors to choose from — traditional, high-fat and a mix with a hint of mint. The set also includes a jar of fine China cinnamon for spicing things up. (Price around $18.) Buy it here.

What’s your plan for staying warm over the winter holidays? What inspired gifts have you found to keep your loved ones cozy? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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