15 of the Best Holiday Gifts to Make the Season Warm and Cozy

Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock.com
Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock.com

The early, bleak days of winter have settled in, when 5:30 p.m. is as dark and cold as midnight and snuggling under the comforter until April seems like a viable option.

Treat your favorite holiday gift recipient to a present from this list, and relax in the knowledge you’ve made a loved one’s long cold nights a little cozier and a lot more comfortable. Maybe that gift recipient is you? Sweet!

1. Heated mouse

Computer mouse
Eagangel / Amazon

Surfing the web can feel more like surfing the waves on a sunny beach with this heated computer mouse. Click here to purchase.

2. Tabletop fireplace

Sharper Image/Money Talks News
Sharper Image / Money Talks News

Don’t have a fireplace? You can now. This sophisticated, modern tabletop fireplace runs on clean-burning ethanol. Buy it here.

3. Gingerbread house mug toppers

Williams-Sonoma/Money Talks News
Williams-Sonoma / Money Talks News

Like a lemon slice perched on a cocktail glass, these adorable gingerbread houses latch onto your cocoa mug and are completely edible. Buy them here.

4. Toast hand warmers

Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers
Smoko / Amazon

Stay toasty while you type when you sandwich your hands in these fuzzy dudes. Click here for details.

5. Wireless rechargeable glove-warming liners

Gloves with warmers
The Sharper Image / Amazon

Whether you’re skiing or shoveling, these turn regular winter gloves into heating pads for your hands. Do you want to build a snowman? Click to buy.

6. Heated blanket wrap

Warmer blanket wrap
Designer Living / Amazon

Sadly, we often have to get out of our toasty warm beds and head to the office, but with this heated wrap, it’s as if your bedclothes came with you. Click here to purchase.

7. Godiva Chocolate of the Month Club

IMAGE: Godiva Chocolate of the Month Club
Godiva / Money Talks News

You’ll be remembered by the recipient of this gift every month when a box of mouth-watering chocolates arrives in the mail. At the least, it’ll blunt the pain of the junk mail and utility bills. Click here to purchase.

8. Ombre pet cave

Uncommon Goods / Money Talks News
Uncommon Goods / Money Talks News

Let Mittens have a cozy holiday too with this snuggly cave, perfect for cat naps or just hiding. Handmade in Nepal with a blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wools. Purchase here.

9. Fluffy cardigan

Woman's cardigan
Lookbook / Amazon

This thing is fluffy but not fussy, cozy and hooded. It comes in a range of colors, from cream to black, and is simply fabulous. Click here to buy.

10. Coffee foam art stencils

Gcircus/Amazon/Money Talks News
Gcircus/Amazon / Money Talks News

Spoil yourself and your coffee-drinking guests by brewing up lattes or cappuccinos decorated with the help of these stencils. Hold over a hot drink and sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa onto the milk foam for a beautiful beverage. Comes with a mesh-topped shaker. Buy them here.

11. Cashmere-lined leather gloves

Bloomingdale's / Money Talks News
Bloomingdale’s / Money Talks News

Sumptuous leather for the stylish look on the outside, enveloping soft cashmere lining for warmth on the inside. Buy here.

12. Fox pillow warmer

Smoko/Amazon/Money Talks News
Smoko/Amazon / Money Talks News

Kids small and large can outfox the cold with this Smoko USB plush heated pillow. Click here to buy.

13. Warming furniture protector

Sharper Image/Money Talks News
Sharper Image / Money Talks News

Drape this microsuede cover over a sofa, and it’ll be sure to become the favorite couch for everyone, including the pets. Warms you up as it protects your furniture. Click to buy.

14. Cocoa lovers’ gift pack

Penzeys Spices/Money Talks News
Penzeys Spices / Money Talks News

If hot chocolate is your jam, here are three flavors to choose from — traditional, high-fat and a mix with a hint of mint. The set from Penzeys also includes a jar of fine China cinnamon for spicing things up. Buy it here.

15. Pajama warming pouch

Hammacher Schlemmer / Money Talks News
Hammacher Schlemmer / Money Talks News

Slide your PJs — or towel, hat or gloves — into this pack that warms to 118 degrees. When you put them on, it’s as if they just popped out of a warm dryer. Click here to buy.

What’s your plan for staying warm over the winter holidays? What inspired gifts have you found to keep your loved ones cozy? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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