6 Overlooked Ways to Save Money in November

Time is running out, but this month still provides us with some unique ways to save, especially on big-budget purchases.

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November kicks off a two-month spending spree that doesn’t end until the new year begins. Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, family celebrations and parties galore can quickly sap the spirit from your efforts to save more.

But this month also presents some unique ways to cut costs. Ironically, several involve spending a relatively large amount of money now so you can save during the rest of the year.

Following are six ways you can save more money during November.

Buy items you’ve needed all year long

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Strange as it sounds, you might save cash if you buy more things this November.

Perhaps you need a new computer or television. Shopping the sales around Black Friday can net you large savings on big-ticket items. As DealNews flatly says: “November is the best time of year to buy most things tech.”

Even smaller items — think blenders and toaster ovens — are often available as screaming buys in November, especially when they are promoted as “doorbusters” designed to lure shoppers into the store.

So, racking up several purchases this month can save you money — but only if you remember not to shop so much during what’s left of the year.

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Buy a car

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If you need a new ride, November can be a great time to buy. Deals on both new and used cars are often best between Labor Day and the end of the year.

But auto auctioneer Steve Lang writes in Thrillist that he has “seen hundreds of thousands of near-new and older used cars, from Acuras to Volkswagens, become their absolute cheapest at one specific time of the year” — and that time is now:

Late November tends to be pretty tough for new- and used-car dealers because most folks are just beginning their Christmas shopping, using Black Friday to score cheap consumer goods and tech gadgets. The only chance a dealer has to turn attention to cars is to create a blowout sale for leftover vehicles. Thus, Black Friday is a surprisingly easy time to find a great deal.

Incidentally, Lang says the worst time to buy is tax-refund season, when buyers are flush with cash — and car dealers know it.

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Stock up on foods popular during Thanksgiving

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Everybody eats turkey during Thanksgiving, even if they don’t give a second thought to the bird the rest of the year. Because of this sharp increase in demand, you’d expect turkey prices to soar.

But that is not the way it works. Instead, turkey prices plummet just before Thanksgiving. According to U.S. News & World Report:

Not only do supermarkets that sell turkeys year-round make the bird a featured item, but some food stores and warehouse stores that don’t typically sell whole turkeys offer them for a limited period of time to customers. This means not only does demand for turkeys increase, but the supply of turkey increases too. This boost in supply drives prices downward.

So, if you enjoy turkey, buy an extra one or two at a bargain price and freeze them for later in the year.

Typically, the period around Thanksgiving is also a great time to score deals on other popular holiday fare — such as canned cranberries and canned pumpkin. So, if you love these foods and eat them year-round, stock up now.

Visit the Caribbean

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If you want to escape frigid temperatures — or if you’re simply looking for a late fall “pick me up” — consider visiting the Caribbean during November. According to Travel and Leisure:

Most of the resorts have reopened for the season and are preparing for the onslaught of guests during the holidays. But there are rooms to spare and crowd-free beaches in early November — where you won’t have to stand in line for a beer or a beach chair.

Oyster.com says the island of Curacao — a favorite of scuba divers — is especially known for having low hotel rates during November.

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Schedule your wedding

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If you are looking to get married, November is a great month to do so. That’s especially true if you have your heart set on fall/winter nuptials.

BrideBox notes that you’ll pay the highest prices — and face the stiffest competition for bookings — in May through October. Many couples also want to get married in December (due to the holidays) and February (due to Valentine’s Day).

That leaves just four months — November, January, March and April — to score a relative bargain. According to BrideBox:

During these months, vendors are typically more available and less expensive. If you’re planning on getting married indoors and the weather won’t impact your day much, then having your wedding during this off-season is a great way for you to save on your overall budget.

Buy next year’s Halloween and Thanksgiving decor

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Patience is a virtue — and it can pay financial dividends, too. Shop in the days after Halloween, and you can score massive deals on seasonal decor that you can use the following year. While you’re at it, pick up your favorite candy at a deep discount.

That suggestion is too late for this year, of course. So, you’ll need to file it away for 2018. However, there is still time to cut the cost of next year’s Thanksgiving celebration if you shop for Turkey Day decor in the days after Nov. 23.

Do you know of more great ways to save in November? Share them by commenting below or on our Facebook page.


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