6 Silly Tidbits of Money Advice That Will Make You Poorer

Not all money advice is beneficial. Check out some common — but misleading — financial tips.

1. Credit cards are evil

Sad woman with credit cardSementsova Lesia / Shutterstock.com

Credit cards do not have any inherent qualities, good or bad. Human behavior determines whether they are beneficial or problematic. If you are unable to resist swiping the magic plastic, your issues go deeper than a credit card.

Used responsibly, credit cards offer great rewards and eliminate the need to have a wad of cash in tow. They also provide buyer protections. You just need to be disciplined enough to pay off the balance each month.

If you are looking for the perfect credit card, stop by our Solutions Center. Once there, search for the perfect credit card for you, whether you prefer cash-back rewards, a low interest rate or some other perk.

For more on the advantages of plastic, see “10 Forgotten Benefits of Your Credit Card.”


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