Fashion Choices, Word Choices and 5 Other Moves That Will Sabotage Your Job Search

Looking for a job is challenging. Don't make it harder by making these completely avoidable mistakes.

Dressing inappropriately

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The quickest way to send a message that you’re not interested in a job is to dress inappropriately for an interview. Strive to fit in by dressing like the people you’re seeking to work with. If you’re applying for a job in a bank, coming to the interview wearing blue jeans indicates that you don’t understand what the job is all about.

Don’t forget that it’s possible to overdress. If you’re trying to get a job on a construction site, showing up in a suit and tie won’t be appreciated. Your goal should be to dress as if you were going to be hired and put to work immediately. For more on how employers view your attire, see “What You Wear at Work Still Affects Promotion Chances.”

Also, there’s evidence that the color scheme you choose makes a real difference. Check out: “70 Percent of Successful Job Candidates Wear This Color.”


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