7 Retailers That Allow Online Coupon Code ‘Stacking’

7 Retailers That Allow Online Coupon Code ‘Stacking’
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Coupon “stacking” is not uncommon in stores — perhaps you have seen someone in line handing over multiple coupons to the cashier to maximize their savings.

But the online equivalent, coupon code stacking, is less common. Few retailers allow online shoppers to redeem multiple coupon codes during a single checkout process — and few shoppers realize it’s possible to do so.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest retailers that allow customers to save more money by entering more codes, and we’ve included directions for finding such codes.

Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy

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Most codes from three clothing stores owned by Gap Inc. — Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy — cannot be combined with others. The retailers state, however:

Depending on the promotion, you may be able to apply more than one promotion code to a single online order.

For example, if you have a promotion code for free shipping, and another for 10 percent off an item, you may be able to use both.

A Gap employee even reported in the blog Krazy Coupon Lady last year that while not all coupon codes can be stacked, Gap.com allows up to five codes per order.

For current promo codes and other discounts, visit:


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CVS doesn’t specify how many coupons can be used on the same order, but it does allow for multiple coupon codes.

A few months ago, I stacked two codes, combining a percentage-off discount with a $5-off discount.

For current discounts, check out CVS’ “Deals” page. For more tips, check out “8 Steps to Save Big at CVS.”


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Kohl’s allows various combinations of up to four promo codes to be applied to a single online order.

Take note of the “Using Multiple Coupons” page, where the department store chain details which combinations are allowable.

For current promo codes, visit Kohl’s “Today’s Deals” page.


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Target doesn’t specify how many codes can be used on the same order but does allow shoppers to “apply multiple promo codes.” Just last month I stacked two codes, increasing a 20 percent discount to 35 percent.

For current promo codes and other discounts, check out Target’s “Current promotions” page.

Victoria’s Secret


The “Offer Codes” section of Victoria’s Secret “Checkout” page allows for up to three promo codes (aka “offer codes“).

If you know of an applicable code but forget to enter it before finishing the checkout process, Victoria’s Secret will usually apply the code retroactively. Its website explains:

In most cases, we can still apply any qualifying offer codes to your order. Chat with us at the link below or give us a call right away …

For current promo codes, check out the “Today’s Offers” section toward the bottom of Victoria’s Secret’s home page.

Tips for success


When searching for coupon codes — for these retailers and others — take heed of these tips to improve your odds of success:

  • Know the lingo: Coupon codes are named as such because they’re essentially the online equivalent of a paper coupon. They’re also commonly referred to as “promo codes,” however, and other variations exist.
  • Read the terms: As with other coupons, it helps to skim the terms of a promo code. Some cannot be stacked with others, some are case-sensitive and some are only good for certain items, for example.
  • Search for additional codes: While retailers usually mention current coupon codes on their sites, you can often find additional codes by searching. Just enter the retailer’s name and “coupon code” or “promo code” into a search engine.
  • Try for more: Unless a retailer explicitly states that it limits the number of coupon codes that can be redeemed at once (which usually happens during the checkout process), try to redeem at least two, testing out various combinations of applicable codes. All you have to lose is a few seconds.
  • Go through a cash-back website: As we explain in “Rebate Sites That Pay You for Shopping Online,” buying just about anything online without going through a cash-back portal is like turning down free money.

Have you ever stacked promo codes? Let us know where it has worked for you — leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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