8 Restaurant Phone Apps That Save You Money and Time

8 Restaurant Phone Apps That Save You Money and Time

A meal in a restaurant is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a time when our scattered family gathers and bonds, or new relationships are kindled over a shared dessert.

But those of us who love to dine out know that costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, your smartphone offers untold ways to trim your restaurant bill.

There are apps for everything from saving on gourmet meals to finding the closest and best happy hour. Other apps help you to locate a specific type of cuisine, such as kids meals or gluten-free fare.

Following are eight apps to try while eating out during 2016. Bon appetit!

1. Find great deals at everyday restaurants: Scoutmob


Scoutmob is a handy app for finding discounts at restaurants and bars in some of the most popular cities across the country, such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver and New York. As a bonus, the app – which is focused on local, independent businesses — can also uncover discounts at local stores and shops.

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