9 of the Absolute Best Ways Anyone Can Save on Car Costs

Follow these tips to keep your car running well and hold its constant demands for money to a minimum.

pathdoc / Shutterstock.com

New or used, sporty or practical, a car is not only a major purchase, but it keeps wringing money out of its owner throughout its lifetime. Gas, oil changes, accidents — no question, a car is an expensive family member.

But for many of us, especially those who don’t live in one of the few American cities with reliable public transit, a car is also a necessity. Until that “Star Trek” transporter technology comes through, we’ll be driving — and fixing, and filling up, and coaxing — our cars to keep on running for years to come.

That’s why even the smallest ways to save on car costs are important. From the right insurance policy to simple car-maintenance tips, knowing how to keep your car’s insistent monetary demands at bay can put more cash in your wallet. Rev those engines, here are nine ways to save on car costs that absolutely everyone can do.

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