The Freshest — and Cheapest — Pies to Bake for Each Month of 2016

The Freshest — and Cheapest — Pies to Bake for Each Month of 2016

As National Pie Day approaches – Jan. 23 – thoughts turn to what traditionally has been America’s favorite family pastry.

The concept of the pie dates back to at least Egyptian times. But in America, today’s concept of pies really began to take shape during the Revolutionary era, according to the American Pie Council.

Lately, the pie’s popularity — along with that of other desserts — has fallen on hard times. Just 12 percent of dinners eaten at home feature a dessert, down from 24 percent in 1986, according to research by NPD Group.

We’re on a mission to reverse that trend and that’s not just pie in the sky! Following are suggestions for 12 pies, one for each month of 2016. As a bonus, we’ve chosen pies based on ingredients that are in season, making these phenomenal pastries even cheaper to bake.

January — Banana cream


It’s tough to find a fruit that’s in season during January. Fortunately, bananas are a reliable pick year-round. Start off the year on a sweet note with Chew Out Loud’s Best Banana Cream Pie recipe, from foodie blogger Amy Dong. With an all-butter pie crust, velvety custard and loads of fresh bananas, this delicious dessert practically begs to be baked.

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