43 Things You Should Never Buy

Some purchases are just DUMB. Give yourself — and your budget — a break and skip these items.

1. Poo-pourri

Elnur / Shutterstock.com

If you haven’t found the Poo-pourri ads on your own, someone probably sent them to you. They feature a classy blonde with a British accent who’s frequently seen on the toilet and who likes to discuss the ferocity of her bowel movements.

The product is a mixture of essential oils that you spritz into the toilet before taking a seat. The idea is that Poo-pourri prevents you from embarrassing yourself or inconveniencing others.

But this crap is expensive ($4.95 and up, plus shipping for a bottle with 20 uses) and a total waste of money. That’s because the same pocket or bag that holds the little spray bottle will also hold something you can generally can get for free to address the smell: a book of matches.


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