More Fun for Less Money: 17 Ways to Save on Entertainment

With a little imagination and planning, you can easily save wads of cash and still live large. Find out how to do it.

1. Dine out strategically

Photo (cc) by Molly ElliottPhoto (cc) by Molly Elliott

Enjoy restaurant meals while saving serious money by eating lightly. It’s easy to overeat at restaurants anyway, and ordering less is widely accepted today as a means of maintaining health.

Here’s how to care for yourself and your budget:

  • Take the edge off your appetite by having a healthy snack before leaving home.
  • Share an entree, halving the cost of the most expensive part of the meal.
  • Order appetizers and dessert and skip the main course. Or enjoy just a drink and appetizers.
  • Try pricier restaurants at lunchtime, rather than dinner. Often they offer a similar menu, but with smaller portions and lower prices.
  • Planning helps you avoid ordering on impulse: Read a restaurant’s menu online before leaving home. Many have menus on their websites, or check Zomato or AllMenus.


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